Top 10 Pool Brushes for Algae: Easy Solution to Clean Your Pool 2022

A straightforward but very crucial part of the pool cleaning is the pool brushes for algae. As the particles and lots of molecules can come to the pool floor, ladder, and wall from different sides of the environment and swimming, you cannot avoid the perfect brushing naturally. It is an essential part of the overall Pool cleaning, too, whether you use a manual or automatic pool cleaner.

Perhaps, it may please you about why you should know about the market or above ground pool brush as it is a simple instrument. However, the reason is that this simple tool can make your task more comfortable and more effective that can get rid of many inefficiency and delay in the work.

In the supplier market, you can get lots of pool brushes of various brands and quality. Additionally, every single brush seems to be the same. So, it becomes a somewhat confusing decision to choose among lots of pool brushes. That is the reason we are writing this content. After getting information about lots of brushes in the market, we have chosen 10 best pool brushes that help remove the bacteria and algae.

When readers of this site buy through our link, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Therefore this affiliate commission never biased our product recommendation. Our motto is to promote the best products for consumers, through detailed research and market analysis.

Reviews of Best Pool Brushes for Algae

Debris, dirt microorganisms are a regular part of your pool. If you don’t push these evil things out of the pool with a dense brush, then your pool will leave an ugly version, and it becomes so polluted that you should not use to swim. I am going to describe the top 10 pool brushes for cleaning and maintaining procedures. All are the best swimming pool brushes.

1. Crystal Pool Brush for Algae

Crystal pool brush for algae

The crystal best pool cleaning brush is an exceptionally lightweight but durable pool brush that provides enough strength to the hard wall of the pool to clean the algae and other contaminants. Moreover, it has the heat-treated alloy handle for the highest durability. The width of 18″ is enough to sweep the overall area of the pool in less time. The height is 1 1/2 inches.

Not to mention, the pool cleaning brush tool is designed with an easy push slimline frame that minimizes resistance through the water. It is effortless and easy to connect the brush with any pole or telescopic pole. At the same time, the bristles are of flexible design; they can go through every corner of the pool. Moreover, it has molded bristles to plastic, and the optimum strength of the bristle is enough for cleaning the hard algae from the pool wall, floor, and corners.

Under the plastic frame, there are metal frames connected with glue and screws so that it becomes more durable. Thus this would not break or twist. The metal frame is of stainless steel. Additionally, the bristles are hard wearing to the metal pool brush handle, and it is optimum for any pool.


  • It has durable metal under the plastic frames.
  • The plastic is also of a super rugged feature.
  • The brush is super efficient in removing algae.
  • You can attach it to any telepole.


  • The length of the bristle is a little lower.

* If you are in search for a low cost high durable pool brush, then Crystal Pool Brush is the best as you can move it around any place of the pool quickly.*

What are the customers saying?

Customers are saying that though the bristles are soft, these are sturdy enough to provide pressure on the floor. It is a good pool liner brush, don’t damage the  liner even. The Crystal brush is also lighter to carry.

2. Aquatix Pro Heavy Duty Pool Brush for Algae

Aquatix Pro Heavy Duty Pool Brush for Algae

The unique thing about this Aquatix pool brush is that it has the steel bristles for extended-lasting usage. The heavy-duty, robust aluminum connector and the steel bristles together make the best brush for active algae in the pool floor, tiles, steps, and walls.

The 18″ long brush is high-speed for side to side brushing in the pool and suitable for stubborn algae that you can attach to the floor firmly. It doesn’t damage any pool lining with the pool broom handle or ends of the brush.

The benefit of the steel bristle is that it has the awesome scrubbing power to remove the grimes from any part of the pool. This material makes the bristles stronger for a longer time than other brushes of nylon bristles. The composition of steel and plastic helps not to fall down the bristles like other brushes.

Along with the steel composition, there are the curving sides in both ends. With these ends, you can reach out of the corner or hard to reach places of the pool. So the cleaning procedure is quite easy for Aquatix pro Pool brush. The brush doesn’t include any pole, but these are constructed to match any poles.


  • It has the durables steel bristles.
  • Very good pool corner brush.
  • Through the help of the bristles, it can brush out the active algae.
  • Ends are soft, that means these do not damage your pool lining.
  • Durable quality material in all sides.


  • It is heavier a little bit than other pool brushes.

* If you want to have more longevity in the bristles, then Aquatix pool brush is the best, because it has the bristles made of steel material.*

What are the customers saying?

Customers are saying that this brush does the dirtiest job fast. It goes brushing at the space where tight and sticky debris tends to attach strongly. How much tough the debris is it goes for washing with extreme pressure.

3. HydroTools by Swimline Aluminum Pool Floor & Wall Brush for Cleaning

HydroTools by Swimline Aluminum Pool Floor & Wall Brush

Hydrotools is the brush consists of high-quality aluminum and plastic. The width of this brush is 16.5 inches and made of aluminum. The length of the handle is 1 inch. You can use this brush in any of the inground and above ground pool though there are no of differences between the inground and the above ground pool.

The brush is curved in both ends nicely so that it can erase the debris, strain, spots, and active dust from the wall, floor, and ladder. However, the bristles are of good quality and attached to the frames firmly not to fall from the structures in two to three seasons.

The brush is of low price, but the lower price doesn’t make it looser. Moreover, many clients are pleased with the quality of the bristles in this price. It can cover a large area for sweeping as the width of the handle is suitable for that cleaning task.

You can clean the tough place of the pool area with the help of this brush. For this, add a pole with it as no poles are supported to supply.


  • The brush is of lower price but the best quality.
  • It can sweep a more substantial area for its high width.
  • With the curving edges, you can brush the pool from any angle without much pressure.
  • It has durable bristles to work for several seasons with this budget.


  • The curving edge may create scratches in the wall of the pool.
  • The plastic material of the handle should be improved.

* If you want the best pool brush for algae in the lower budget and want to clean a broader area in less time, then Hydrotools brush is the best option to choose.*

What are the customers saying?

Customers are saying that with a low price it is really a great staff for cleaning the pool. It is fantastic in sticky curvy edges, but it is not that much good at the pool wall. It needs to push extra pressure for the pool wall.

4. The Wall Whale Classic Swimming Pool Brush

The Wall Whale Classic Swimming Pool Brush

You can clean all sides of the pool, but Wall Whale Classic is the best for cleaning the wall with 10x more force than that of others. You can wash in the simple, fast, and most comfortable way with the help of the pool brush.

The commercial pool brush has the nylon bristles that are of heavy-duty and 4x more robust than plastic bristles. You don’t need to brush the pool wall every day just cleaning the wall once a week is perfect. It can be the best brush for the vinyl pool.

The wall whale pool brush is effortless to clean the wall of the pool. It has the hugging action to indicate the power where it needs the most ability to clean the wall. It will ultimately reduce the effort of the users during the cleaning procedure. This swimming pool brush head is different from others.

The brush is designed like that you can get the best results with one hand brushing. You can finish cleaning an average bigger pool within 5 minutes. Just push down the brush in the pool, the tail makes the remaining works done. It flips automatically to other directions during washing. The angles are adjustable, conferring the brushing need.


  • It is easy for wall brushing and 10x more potent than others.
  • The Wall Whale Classic is suitable for angle adjustment that is beneficial for your body.
  • It will end up washing within 5 minutes.
  • These are great for both residential and commercial users.


  • The whale wall is made adjustable for the wall, not the whole side of the pool.
  • The price is slightly higher.

* If your pool wall tends to get more strong algae that are tougher to remove, the Wall Whale Classic pool brush is suitable for cleaning.*

What are the customers saying?

One customers says at the most pleased mind that it is one of the best pool brush for algae you can buy. The price is just for the fin that it supplies and it is awesome to use.

5. Milliard 5″ Heavy Duty Wire Pool Algae Brush

Milliard 5" Heavy Duty Wire Pool Algae Brush

The 5″ long Milliard pool brush is made of high duty and exclusive aluminum and wire material that is awesome for concrete and gunite pool. The handle and backside of the brush are made of aluminum that is endurable for long years. The stainless steel wire bristles are very active on the strong and sturdy stretch in the pool. This vinyl liner pool brush is very well to go for long.

The surface of the Milliard pool brush is suitable for the inground pool as the length is smaller, but it works in a steady motion because of its heavy material and work procedure. It can be useful for hard strains that may not be possible for other brushes to work out. It is the best best brush for gunite pool.

The aluminum and steel designed brush can be useful for picking hardly attached algae in smaller pools. This brush is not good for Vinyl pools or large pools.

You can attach it to any types and standards of the best pool brush pole, and you don’t have to worry about the poles. Producers especially design it for concrete cleaning as the spots on the concrete are also stubborn and severe as concrete itself. It is the best pool brush for vinyl liner.


  • The heavy-duty material is strong enough to respond to robust strains.
  • It is entirely fit for a smaller and inground pool.
  • The surface of the brush is smooth enough to work with it.
  • It can wash that strains that more of the brushes cannot.


  • It is not useful for larger or vinyl pool liners.
  • The size is smaller in length.

* If you have the concrete and gunite pool, then Milliard 5″ is the best option for you to wash the severe strains.*

What are the customers saying?

Some customers are really happy to use this. One says that the wire pool brush cleans the tight green stains at the expertise that normal pool brush cannot even touch the stains.

6. SweepEase Blend Brush AquaDynamic Best Pool Algae Brush

Poly Blend Brush AquaDynamic Pool Brush

Sweep Ease Pool Brush is unique for its sticky position to the wall or floor that makes your work easier. The process is that it just sticks to the wall or floor and removes the strains easily with the help of one hand. You will find no extra pressure from you to clean the pool.

It has the spoiler process that helps to provide the water pressure with 5 to 10 pounds and push the brush to the cleaning surface. The pool brush is better in a way that it can never bend in any contact of the wall or floor.

Another point is that with the help of SweepEase, a child and an older adult can also feel it easy to clean the pool even in one hand. If you continuously clean the pool brush, it can let your pool free to eliminate the algae, calcium, and sodium, etc. That will make the pool safe and clean.

Thus brush is not suitable for Vinyl and Fiberglass pool as it is customized for inground pool.


  • It provides the highest pressure to remove the algae and organisms.
  • All the parts are made tough, not to wear out.
  • High duty poly plastic is durable to use.
  • It is easy to work by any person of any age.


  • This brush doesn’t work well on Fiberglass pools or Vinyl pool.

* If you want to save time and get the best results to clean the robust strains, then, SweepEase is the best.*

What are the customers saying?

One of the happy customers says that the brush is especially shaped for the corner cleaning. Another thing is that it works very well with soft pressure and goes for the long season.

7. Blue Devil Pool Wall Brush

Blue Devil Pool Wall Brush

The blue devil is of 18″ & made of heavy-duty material, and this is attached with the poly bristles. It can be fitted to any type of telescoping poles that you have. The poly bristles can reach the tightest corners of the pool, and thus its can remove the algae, dirt, and strains from the wall and surface.

The brushes are very soft and perfect for regular cleaning, and these won’t create any scratches on the surface. It is right on the concrete, wood, and vinyl surface. There are corners and tight spaces for the curved end, and with this, you can clean hard to reach places.

The metal backing is another benefit to clean the pool surface and wall with intense pressure. It will make the brush endurable for a longer time too. The length can sweep a more substantial area quickly with the help of Blue Devil.

The brush is weighed very less, and this helps to carry and bear the cleaning procedure significantly. Effortless & fast cleaning are the added benefits with this brush. The price is also in a lower range. You can make a choice.


  • The brush is of quality material handle and poly bristles.
  • Moreover, it is preferable for the quick cleaning process.
  • All the materials last very long for the sturdy quality.
  • Pool brush attachment is good.
  • Best vinyl pool brush.
  • The cleaning procedure of this algae scrubber for pool is easy.
  • Soft pool brush.
  • Curved edges are very gentle to touch the surface.


  • The cleaning is quite technical in round pools.

* If you want to have a low-cost good deal, then Blue Devil is the best one as it fulfills all the requirements that your pool clearance process needs.*

What are the customers saying?

Most of the customers are admiring the bristles of the brush that it would not be pissed off for years. A long-lasting attachment to the brush helps durable maintaining.

8. Oreq Animal Pebble Brush with Grit Bristle

Pebble Brush with Grit Bristle

Oreq is 22 inches long, having animal pebbles and grit bristles. There is not any metal bristle. The long brush can cover a larger area in a reduced time. There are curving ends on both sides of the best pool brush for pebble tec, but these are covered with pebbles. So these curving angles will not create any scratch on the pool surface.

It will help you to clean the pool space, which is hard to reach. You can purchase a telescopic pole that can be attached to it. Not all the poles are fit for connection to the handles of this brush. The connecting system of the brush to the pole is a little messy. You have to bend it to lock in the tabs. So, sometimes it may get stuck there, and you cannot be able to get it out then quickly.

There is a magnet of 2 inches that obstructs the sticking of the brush to the surface when you try to reach the corners. You can use it for a longer time without worrisome. Many ask a question that, can you use a wire brush on pebble tec? But it is not possible to use the wire brush on pebble.


  • Longer length than pool brushes of other brands.
  • The curving ends are useful and do not scratch.
  • You can get a package with a telescopic pole too.
  • There is a magnet to get rid of the sticking position.


  • It is not metal built bristles that may be somewhat frugal.
  • You cannot attach it to all types of standard poles.
  • The locking system is a little bit problematic that sometimes gets stuck.

* If you have a larger pool, then that 22-inches pool Oreq grit bristles brush is the best for cleaning the pool.*

What are the customers saying?

Customers are happy using this. They say that this rounds up the whole pool and brushes the hard to reach the corner. They are recommending this brush to others.

9. Poolmaster 20172 Swimming Pool Wall Brush

Though the name is a wall aluminum pool brush, it is best to clean all types of pool and spa surfaces. The modern curved design of the whole body makes it looked different from others. In the backside of the brush, it is connected to the die-cast aluminum built handle. This material is for the highest durability and stability.

Under the 18- inch aluminum cast handle, there is a polypropylene material, and both ends are finished smoothly with mar-proof cleaning. Both the contents make the brush super strong to attach the bristles with the handle and make the brush usable for a longer time.

You can securely do the cleaning with the help of the bristles as the design is curved. With this facility, the curved pool brush can go anywhere with its malleable ability. It can go in the narrow side too and clean the space brightly without any extra pressure.

The uneven nylon bristles are superior to recover the bending and durability of the products. There are 5 rows of bristles that make it stronger.


  • The die-cast aluminum handle makes it stronger.
  • At the same time, it has attractive design with a curved body.
  • High-quality aluminum and plastic make it durable for more seasons.
  • Smooth Ending in both sides is not scratched easily with the wall touching.
  • With a curved design, the bristles are also in an uneven structure that makes cleaning easy for all.


  • A little bit higher price than others in the market.
  • Some users do not like the curving feature because it creates scratches if the user doesn’t know the usage system accurately.

* Overall with the highest quality and curving design, you can use the Poolmaster 20172 to clean the pool with most top performance.*

What are the customers saying?

Customers are very happy to use this. One of them said that it is extremely durable and lasts for longer time like new. They use this as several times in a week, still it is unaffected.

When readers of this site buy through our link, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Therefore this affiliate commission never biased our product recommendation. Our motto is to promote the best products for consumers, through detailed research and market analysis.

10. Blue Wave Wall and Floor Pool Brush

Blue Wave Wall and Floor Pool Brush

The 360-degree cleaning possibility of the brush makes it different from others. This ability makes the brush clean the ladder, walls, curving sector, tiles floor, wood decks smoothly with no scratch occurred during cleaning.

Both the edges are very smooth with the bristles all over the area. So it doesn’t create any scratches in the wall or other space. Here, the bristles are of 3 different color, orange, blue, and white. The 360 degree helps to clean the pool surface without extra pressure or other movement procedure.

By the way, the pool scrub brush is said to be a built-in corner that is very good for washing the corners and edges of the pool surface. The all-over brush system helps to clean the pool surface, wall ladders with a smooth moving procedure that nothing is get scratched and spotted.

The pool liner doesn’t get scratched or dismayed by this brush. You can attach it to any type of telepole available in the market. The brush is 18 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. It is suitable for both inground and above ground pools. This can be a good pool brush for corners.


  • Sweeping is easy for the 360-degree bristle angle.
  • The built-in corner powered pool brush is suitable for corner cleaning.
  • All over brusher without any curving edges help to sweep the pool spaces nicely.


  • The handle is not of strong material.

* If you want to get rid of any curving ending, then Blue Wave Wall and Floor Pool Brush is the best option.*

What are the customers saying?

Customers are saying that the brush can go to every place for its round shapes. But problem is that the bristles are not strong enough to run for a longer time.

Choosing the Best Right Pool Brush for Algae

Not all the pool brushes are suitable for every pool. So, you have to select a brush that is enough fit for a specific pool. Sometimes it depends on the pool size, pool types, sometimes pool shape or even may depend on what part of your pool becomes considerably dirtier than other parts.

Size of the Pool Brush

The first thing that you must consider is the size of the pool wall brushes because, for the smaller pool, you may choose the smaller size that is pretty good for cleaning. Usually, maximum pool brushes are long at 18,” but there are some brushes shorter or longer, which are made specifically based on the smaller or larger pool. 18″ is common and standard for all sizes of the pool. But standard sizes lack the specialty to clean the proper size. If the pool size is small, then the shorter brush works better than that of the standard format.

Material of Bristle

It is important to know that it is an essential matter for the cleaning procedure. So, Secondly, the factor is material. There are distinct types of materials available to make the bristles. Moreover, the stainless steel wire pool brushes are perfect for concrete and gunite pools because the steel is feasible to stain out the sturdy and robust strains from the concrete. On the other hand, that material can create scratches in the fiberglass and vinyl pool instead of stains removing. Not to mention, the nylon pool brush is good to work in vinyl and fiberglass pools. Sometimes there are more other materials better or worse available to make the bristles in the market too. You can buy the pool brush that doesn’t lose bristles.

The shape of the pool

Pool shape is an essential factor during brushing in certain angles. Basically, the rectangle brushes are beneficial for cleaning the square shape pool. You can manage the corners correctly with the rectangle size. But for the round-shaped pool, the circular brush is useful. It is okay if the brush has bristles all over the brush like 360 degrees covering for round shaped pool. So keep these factors in your mind.

Material of Handle

The material of the handle of the brush that is connected to the pole is also a crucial factor because if it is not durable, then the whole brush goes in vain. By the way, the less durable handle can affect the brush negatively and torn out easily. So the handle is essential to be strong enough to stay.

Attached Poles

However, most of the brushes come without the attached poles. So if you have any pole already, consider that point. Some brushes can go with any standard of any brush. But not all the brushes are useful to connect with all types of poles. Moreover, you have to purchase the pole separately, and for this, please consider the brush that pole can be a good fit for that brush.

Comparison Table of Pool Brushes for Algae

Pool BrushFeaturesProsConsSuitable for
Crystal Pool BrushLightweight, durable - 18" width - Heat-treated alloy handle - Flexible bristlesDurable metal frame - Efficient algae removal - Easy attachment to any telepoleBristle length is somewhat shortAll pool types
Aquatix Pro Heavy Duty Pool BrushSteel bristles - 18" width - Heavy-duty aluminum connectorDurable steel bristles - Effective for tough algae - Doesn't damage pool liningSlightly heavier than othersAll pool types
HydroTools by Swimline Brush16.5" width - Aluminum and plastic - Curved endsAffordable - Suitable for both inground and above ground poolsCurving edge may create wall scratches - Handle material could be improvedAll pool types
The Wall Whale Classic BrushHigh-pressure nylon bristles - Hugging action - 10x more forceEasy wall cleaning - Nylon bristles last long - Reduces cleaning effortPrice may be slightly higherPools with tough algae
Milliard 5" Algae BrushAluminum and wire material - Ideal for concrete and gunite poolsEffective against tough stains - AffordableNot suitable for larger or vinyl poolsConcrete and gunite pools
SweepEase Blend BrushSticks to walls/floors - Spoiler process - One-handed cleaningProvides high pressure - Easy for all ages - Cleans without bendingNot suitable for fiberglass or vinyl poolsAll pool types except fiberglass/vinyl
Blue Devil Pool Wall Brush18" width - Heavy-duty material - Soft poly bristlesDurable frame and bristles - Effective corner cleaning - Suitable for vinyl poolsCleaning can be technical in round poolsAll pool types
Oreq Animal Pebble Brush22" length - Pebble-covered endsLong reach - No scratchingBristles not metal - Limited pole compatibility - Locking system may get stuckLarger pools
Poolmaster 20172 Wall BrushDie-cast aluminum handle - Curved design - 360-degree cleaningStrong handle - Attractive design - Smooth ending - Smooth cleaningPrice slightly higherAll pool types
Blue Wave Wall and Floor Brush360-degree cleaning - Multi-colored bristles - Built-in cornerScratch-free cleaning - Suitable for all surfacesHandle may not be very strongAll pool types

Frequently Asked Questions for Pool Brushes for Algae

Can I use a wire brush on the plaster pool?

No, it is not safe to use wire brush pool cleaning for the plaster pool. This goes strongly against the plaster. But, it is useful if you use nylon bristles brush in the plaster. However, these types of brush won’t make any scratches on the pool plaster. The nylon brush is suitable for light debris stained in the plaster. If you want to act with the sharp debris, then stainless steel or wire can be used, but these should be used very carefully on the pool plasters. Use the best pool brush for plaster.

Why should I use the brush along with an automatic cleaner?

There are many good pool broom reviews. The automatic cleaner is not bound to use every day or very frequently. On the other hand, you can use the brush even every day to maintain the cleanliness of your pool. The dust, dirt, debris will not get the opportunity, to sum up in the pool and pollute the pool in this way.

When should I replace the pool brush?

You can understand yourself when you should throw the pool algae brush. You have to watch out the bristles. If these are torn out already, then it is time to replace the brush. As a result, with some torn out bristles, the pool cannot be adequately cleaned, and you have to finally return this with a new. Keep the type of pole in mind for purchasing a new one, so that you can use the existing pole if the pole is well enough. Pool brush replacement bristles are good to use.

Which material of Bristles is best for me?

The matter relies on the pool types. If you have the vinyl or fiberglass pool, then you have to use the nylon brush, but the concrete or gunite can take the stainless steel bristles. Use the material that is best for your pool; never choose the types of bristle that are harmful to your pool.

How to Use Pool Brush?

Brushing the pool needs to know the process. At the beginning of the use of a pool, you have to brush 3 times daily for the first 14 days. Then, it is necessary to brush the pool to keep it safe from any chemical reaction and algae effect. Another thing is that, if you don’t have the time to clean it then hire a professional to clean the pool regularly. Let’s see the tips and tricks of brushing a pool through a video.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have reviewed the top 10 pool brushes for algae in content. All the brushes are suitable for some particular types of pools. So, you have to consider buying guides on how to choose the best pool brush for the maintenance of your pool.

Most of the brushes  here are 18 inches in length. Some may higher or lower than that. An 18-inch long brush can fit any size of the pool. Poolmaster, Crystal pool, HydroTools Pool Brushes are very popular for all types of pools. SweepEase, Milliard, Aquatix are suitable for Gunite & Concrete Pools. These do not go with the Vinyl and Fiberglass pool. Among those, the Milliard is the shortest, and the Oreq has the most extended length of the brush. You can choose these according to the size of the pools.

I think now it is easy for you to choose a suitable brush and its pole among lots of brands and products of pool brushes in the market. Have a happy Brushing of Pool.