Best Above Ground Pool Cleaners & Save Yourself the Hassle of Cleaning

If you’re reading this, then it’s pretty obvious that you are a big fan of the pools and everything they symbolize. You must also own a pool for yourself already, and you’re searching for the best cleaner to fulfill your personalized pool.

Above ground pools are known to not require major home remodeling for installation (as they don’t need a pit or hollow) and are usually cheaper than buried or construction pools.

And such characteristics has made above ground pools an ongoing trend in the pool market. As much as above ground pools are one of the most popular pool types in the market, their cleaners are also gaining enough popularity for me to write an entire article on it!

Those who can afford to have this type of pool at home know the countless wonders of owning one. However, there is something that can overwhelm anyone: cleaning your pool. There is no doubt that this can become exhausting and very stressful.

But nowadays, that’s nothing to worry about because technology once again helps us by providing time-efficient and convenient cleaners. An automatic pool cleaner is what all above ground pool owners need to make lives completely easy.

We will go over various types of cleaners such as automatic, robotic, and vacuum cleaners. This list will help you narrow down your options and choose the best cleaner for your above ground pool. (Oh, and a lot of these devices can be used for in-ground pools as well!)

Best Above Ground Pool Cleaners 2020

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Easy to Clean Top Load Filters Ideal for Swimming Pools up to 50 Feet

You might actually mistake this above ground pool cleaner as a regular home vacuum cleaner without a handle due to its unique setting of the brush, which is placed at the center of the device.

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Not only is it super easy to operate, but it also comes with ultra-fine filters to clean the finest of dirt, debris, and even leaves. Furthermore, this cleaner is set up to be easy to reload and clean, so you don’t have to worry much about spending time on its maintenance.


  • Dual scrubbing brush
  • Durable material and powerful suctioning
  • No hoses or booster pump required


  • Pricey
  • Not recommended to operate all day

With its powerful suction and dual brush system, it can wipe away contaminants that most mediocre cleaners can’t wipe away. This device works great on both above ground pools and in-ground pools, which is the case for almost every pool cleaning product in the market.

Thanks to its great mobility and scanning technology, this device can reach anywhere along the length of your pool. Its smart navigation system will go through the pool walls without bumping into obstacles and hurting itself. All you really have to do is press a single button and it will automatically clean everything by itself. Now that’s what I call an automatic cleaner!

What are the customers saying?

Many consider this device as the best long-lasting automatic cleaner for pools due to its powerful cleaning system and hands-free operation. One even commented that Dolphin Nautilus is “hands down, the best money [they] have spent on [their] pool” since installation. Others complained that the price is too expensive for its value, as it does not last as expected (lasted only 2 years for some people) and further reported having troubles with the company’s customer service.

 Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Here, we have another Dolphin brand pool cleaner. This device is specifically designed for above ground pools, though many customers have still used it for their in-ground pools.

Similar to #1 on the list, this cleaner contains a special type of brush called ‘Hyperbrush Active Scrubbing brush’ which helps to clean stuck particles that other cleaners can’t take away easily. It does come with a 24 volt DC motor, but the company advertises it to be energy efficient.

Furthermore, it claims to have the largest top load filter to hold in up to 60% of the debris. So if you have a lot of junk in your pool, you might have to empty its bag quite often because it literally captures the finest of debris.


  • Hyperbrush Active Scrubbing brush helps sweep away hard-to-remove particles
  • Holds up to 60 percent more debris
  • Lightweight and energy-efficient


  • Pricey
  • Uses electricity

What are the customers saying?

This cleaner is noted as a game-changer for most customers. Customers were impressed by the product’s functionality and value; it would provide squeaky clean results in less than an hour for any pool type! And the best part? It barely requires any labor. Some customers mentioned that the device starts floating when it switches directions, but they still provided 5 stars because they thought it’s worth the money.

XtremepowerUS 75037

There are hundreds of automatic pool cleaners in the market, and thanks to their intelligent technology, they perform all the hard-manual work that has done in the past with toxic products. Most pool cleaners need time, which most busy people can’t afford. Thanks to Xtremepower US, your life can now become much easier.

For instance, the device which has 10  hoses can clean up to 30 pools at once! You can forget about using tools that are difficult to manipulate or spend on electrical appliances, as this cleaner only needs to connect to your filtration system to start working.

Like #3 on this list, this product is ideal for you to clean the entire pool, and not just the walls or the bottom. Your neighbors will definitely be jealous until they have one of these for themselves! With this pool cleaner, you will not only have a neat pool, but you will also have a fast cleaner with a speed of 8 to 12 feet per minute.

Be one of the first people in your neighborhood to acquire this product and spend little to no time cleaning your pool.


  • Accessible price
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Connects to the filtration system without the need for electricity
  • Moves 8-12 feet per minute


  • Requires at least one pool pump to operate
  • Individual pieces are only available on their website
  • Easy for debris to get stuck

What are the customers saying?

Generally, the buyers felt satisfied with the work of the cleaner, assuring that it works as instructed. They claimed that this product cleans all kinds of dirt including branches, leaves and algae. Trust me, this lightweight device can eat up junk like a monster.

Some complained about the various obstructions caused by the suctions not having enough power. On the other hand, some people were disappointed because it caused a hole in their vinyl pool due to their powerful suctions. I don’t know what to believe!

Hayward Poolvergnuegen Cleaner Automatic Suction Pool Vaccum, 4-wheel

It’s no secret that most people hate vacuuming in general, whether it’s vacuuming the house or the pool. For this reason, some people invest in professional cleaners for guaranteed time-saving and effective results. However, most of us probably can’t afford to pay a professional to vacuum the pool every week.

So today, we have an automatic above ground pool vacuum cleaner that should perform the proper job for us. Hayward Poolvergnuegen ensures a magnificent outcome that will leave you to play more and worry less.

This incredible device has a greater range and strength than most cleaners in the market, thanks to its special 4 wheels combined with patent tire threads. It can literally overcome most obstacles and even operate through uneven and strange shapes.

Furthermore, there is an option to purchase a 2 wheeled device, thus you can choose the best choice for the size of your pool. This device may seem simple on the outside, but it has more than 1000 reviews just on Amazon!


  • Powerful operation system
  • Four wheels allow the device to overcome obstacles that stops other cleaners
  • High-end material


  • Works better in larger pools
  • The depth can cause it to sink
  • It can be difficult to install

What are the customers saying?

Some users complain that the product sinks due to the depth of the pool; however, the rest of the comments are quite positive, and claims that the device is extremely high quality and durable. Not only is this product long-lasting, but the vacuum is automatic, so most customers are very pleased by not having to put in the labor to manually clean up the pool.

Vingli Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner Suction

Almost every cheap and expensive above ground pool vacuum is made out of plastic, thus it will certainly wear out in time. This Vingli product is surely more economic and therefore has a lesser operating quality than the previous product, but the materials used aren’t quite different.

In fact, this equipment and its ten long-lasting hoses ensure that the product will stay by your side for many years to come. For instance, if each hose promises to have a very long duration and there are a total of 9 hoses, you can say that this cleaner promises to last more than three times than other cleaners.

Besides promising to have a much longer life than the other cleaners, it also promises to completely eliminate any marks of dirt, dust, mud, and even debris, leaves, debris, insects, pebbles and short twigs from the interior/walls/surface of your pool. This power vacuum will complete its duty in a silent manner, so you won’t even know when it’s all done cleaning!

Furthermore, you won’t be dealing with anything heavy or dangerous. Other pool vacuum cleaners (especially old ones) may be heavy and tiring, while even having the danger of producing corrosive and toxic chemicals. This automatic pool cleaner not only ensures you that it will leave your pool clean without much effort, but it’s also one of the lightest ones in the market. Oh, and not to mention that this product doesn’t even need electricity!

However, with a few simple turns and adjustments of buttons here and there, you will have a perfectly affordable cleaner for any type of above ground pool that you own. Go ahead and save some precious time with this powerful automatic pool cleaner that is designed to make your life easier.


  • Incredible price
  • Equipped with several replacements
  • Easy to install
  • Low noise level
  • No electricity


  • The valve should be moved to regulate the pressure
  • Easily stuck and sits in one spot

What are the customers saying?

The buyers assure that it is one of the cleaners with the simplest installation and affordability in the whole market. Furthermore, they mainly credit its soundproof operation, which makes it stand out from those annoying pool vacuum cleaners that produce hammering sounds while cleaning. Other reviews mention that the cleaner sinks and gets stuck easily, but then again, these things can happen to all pool vacuum cleaners.

Aquabot APRVJR Poll Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

We live in a century where robots are taking the lead. And yes, additionally they will dominate the whole world! Just kidding. But still, there are robots for everything, so why can’t there be one for cleaning your pool?

Introducing Aquabot – another automated pool cleaning product that is revolutionizing and leaving behind the traditional methods of cleaning.

Not to mention that the company claims to keep your pool clean and the pH of the water balanced in little more than an hour. Also, this small robotic vacuum saves us from the tiresome use of the many tubes and devices that other cleaners bring. With 24 volts of power, it works independently and does not have to be stuck to any filter. While some may consider using electricity as a negative aspect, some prefer this more than the non-electric devices.

Powered by a single pump motor that provides vacuum suction and jet-drive propulsion, Aquabot works with the touch of a single button.

In terms of results, this robot effectively cleans any type of soil and dirt, while accustoming to any shaped pool. Other perks are having an easy-to-clean bag, programmable technology, requiring no cables, and it’s designed for any type of pool regardless of material or size.

Lastly, this robot has a system that allows us to program its use and wash our pool with various methods, so we can customize and select the fastest and most appropriate cleaning method for our pool. Additionally, the reasonable price is putting this device into many people’s consideration.  


  • Equipped with a variety of accessories
  • Activated with a single button
  • Jet propulsion
  • Saves a lot of water
  • Automatic shutdown system


  • Requires electric power to work / Needs at least 120 VAC / 60Hz
  • May not move in the most ideal directions

What are the customers saying?

However, we found that only a little more than half of the customers have a good opinion of this cleaner. When we researched further, however, we found that most of the unsatisfied customers were facing the same problem — the complicated repair process of the product.

This is a standard problem with robotic cleaners, because not everyone is trained or ready to use this newly emerging technology. Still, many of the users’ experiences are good and buyers say they love it completely; however, not everything can be honey on flakes. Some report malfunction, stating that if the back is empty, it does not move anywhere.

Hayward 900 Wanda The Whale Suction Above-Ground Pool Cleaner (Automatic Pool Vacuum)

AquaBub is a creatively designed above ground pool automatic cleaner with different drawings of animals and nature, so as to make the experience of above ground cleaning our pool more enjoyable.

Its features tell us that it has a great advantage over other vacuum cleaners, because of its size that allows us to clean any type of pool area. It also has a unique turbine system that maintains a smooth movement through the water to the bottom of the pool.

Other important features of Wanda the Cleaner include the following: It has a SmartDrive patented system, which allows a quick cleaning of the bottom of the pool. It can be installed in less than 10 minutes. Its water circulation is more efficient, thanks to the fact that it draws water from the bottom of the pool. Not to mention that it has a 32 feet hose included in the package!


  • Smooth and silent movement
  • 1-year warranty
  • Quick installation


  • Toy appearance can draw children’s attention

What are the customers saying?

As always, the opinions are varied, but we found that most people like the product. But you should still be careful, because some of the customers found that the coating or surface of their pool split after turning on the cleaner and leaving it in the pool without supervision. There are even those who said that they have bought two Wanda cleaners so that if one is damaged for any reason, they will have an exact spare part for it, and thus take advantage of its good price.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Finally, we have the Vac-Sweep 65. Economical, simple, and without too many new and potentially complicated features—it just comes along with a programmable automatic system. Usually, this product is ideal if you like the traditional milieu of tools. Although this device has an easy installation process, it’s not perfect. For instance, due to its low price, however, its filter bags need continuous replacement.

Still, this beast can do a lot of things: First, it can suck and sweep the bottom of the pool in less than three hours, thanks to the fact that it works with filtration systems and pumps. It can get rid of waste located in hard-to-reach places, as it has a patented jet sweeping system.


  • Loosens hard-to-reach dirt
  • Filter that prolongs usage


  • Needs a hose adapter
  • Hose may get tangled
  • May keep spinning in the same posit

What are the customers saying?

In the light of everything, for this product we found many different opinions.

However, there are those who speak wonders of the product and how easy it is to install it by following the basic instructions. On the other side, there are those who could not even understand the instructions pamphlet—and therefore calling the whole thing a scam.

Final conclusion: This specific product is highly recommended if you’re short on funds and looking for an effective pool cleaner.

However, a great sum of customers loved the cleaner, calling it the best in the market. However, there are hundreds of complaints about the hoses, saying that they are very thin and breakable, and this entanglement limits the cleaning range.


However, we hope this research has helped readers keep their above ground pool maintenance on an optimum level . We’ll soon update the list with all the best new cleaners on the market. For each of the products we have just shown, there is already a new version, but we didn’t add new versions to the list due to the lack of evidence from customers. In other words, we can’t provide an excellent and accurate recommendation for the newer versions.

Pool owners should always remember that a big part of owning a pool, in general, is maintaining its cleanliness. However, there are many different options to choose from, and it’s up to you to decide which cleaner best suits you and your needs. Similarly, for safety tips, it’s always better if you can avoid using chemicals that can be harmful to humans.

Finally, if you notice rocks, wrinkles, or roots that are causing these wrinkles, contact a professional to have them checked out and repaired. Also, always make sure to turn your pool cleaner off once you are finished using it. And finally, remember that the safety of you and your loved ones come before playing in the pool.