Top 9 Best Above Ground Pool Cover Pump Reviews 2022

However Who doesn’t want to have a pool in his house? It makes the house even more complete and beautiful. I do have a pool at my house as well. I preferred to have an above ground pool for my house rather than the in-ground one of course for some obvious reasons. However, it doesn’t end with owning a pool and swimming in it occasionally, right? You have to maintain it in every season. For an above ground pool cover, the pump is a must to have. This tool can keep the cover of your above ground pool safer in many ways.

Since I have an above ground pool I try to maintain all the maintenance jobs this pool requires. I have 2 kids. They love this pool so much and during summertime, they seem to enjoy swimming the most there. They feel really sad during the winter season or when it is raining outside. It stops their favorite activity in the house. This pool has made the kid more engrossed in this physical and yet enjoyable activities like swimming. Only for their fondness of this their interest in watching TV or playing virtual games has decreased surprisingly. After noticing this change in them, I believe I have taken the right decision of setting up an above ground pool in my house.

All the family members are very fond of this pool and we all actively get involved when it comes to maintenance of this swimming pool. During snowing and raining, we cover the pool entirely so that the water or the snow cannot harm the pool. We also cover the pool whenever we go somewhere for a holiday for a long time. However, having a pool pump for the above ground pool can keep the cover intact for years. Above ground pool cover water pump is kept above the cover to pump to drain water off the pool cover. A pump to remove water from the pool cover is something that should not be ignored while setting up a pool in your beloved house.

Let me tell you if you are wondering about the question “how to get water off pool cover without a pump” then please know that you can do so. But that would require so much manual labor. Either you have to hire or all the family members have to work for it. Do you think it is wise? Working like this for just to take water off from pool cover. Rather it would be the smart choice for you to have a pump to remove water from the pool.

No matter what in any way you can’t let the water and other things keep accumulating above the pool cover. This small equipment above ground swimming pool cover pump can rescue you from it. So for ensuring the perfect maintenance schedule of your pool you got to buy this tool very wisely. Anything bought in a hurry can be a very bad decision sometimes. So take your needed time, and get to everything in detail about the above ground pool cover pump available in the market very carefully.

When readers of this site buy through our link, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Therefore this affiliate commission never biased our product recommendation. Our motto is to promote the best products for consumers, through detailed research and market analysis.

Top 9 Best Above Ground Pool Cover Pump Reviews

Whenever any sort of water, be it from snow or rain accumulates above a pool cover it makes the cover so much vulnerable. So it gets ruined much before it’s supposed to be. To avoid it to happen you can have a perfect pump to get water off the pool cover. But before buying this above ground pool cover pump for your above ground pool you must have to have enough knowledge about all the best pumps available in the market in detail. In this digital era, it is not a difficult task to do so. Well, for your convenience we have picked our top 9 above ground pool cover pump. Those are:

1. Little Giant 500500 1-AA-18 Submersible Cover Pump


Little Giant 500500 1-AA-18 Submersible Cover Pump is a fully submersible pump for the swimming pool. Not to mention that this pump is designed to drain water from pool covers. It has got epoxy-coated aluminum housing. It prevents the pump from damages and it also guards against overheating of the pump.

Surprisingly, this is a great pick to use in your pool when it is closed up. Moreover, it will help you to drain water out when the accumulated water level of the pool gets too high. When there is too much rain during the rainy season and after winter snow melting this Little Giant pool cover pump can come to the rescue for your pool and pool cover. This submersible water pump for swimming pools comes with a cord but it is not excessively long. So you might have to get an extension to let the water drain out from the pool cover.

Don’t forget that cleaning your pool cover requires a pump just like this one. This pump can help in a great way to save time and money in the future. It will be indeed a good investment for your pool.



  • This cover pump has submersed feature while operating
  • 18 inches cord comes with it to get this pump to get water out of the pool
  • It has epoxy-coated aluminum housing
  • This pool cover has a bottom inlet. It has the ability to snap-off screen for easy cleaning
  • It comes with a garden hose adapter and elbow accessory


  • Some users may find the cord very inflexible
  • There might be an accumulation of some sort of oil on the surface and it keeps coming back


What the customers are saying?

* One of the customers who bought this cover pump found it very handy. This little tool helped him perfectly maintain his cover and pool during the winter season and rainy time. He also mentioned using the pump is also pretty easy for anyone.*


2. WAYNE 57729-WYNP WAPC250 1/4 HP Automatic ON/OFF Water Removal Pool Cover Pump


WAPC250 is perfect as above ground pool cover pump. It is an automatic pool cover pump for above ground pool. This pool cover pump comes from Wayne in at ¼ horsepower. Additionally, it has a maximum flow rate of 3000 gallons per hour. Needless to say, it is one of the most acclaimed pool cover pumps available in the market.

Moreover, there are some positive aspects of this Wayne pool cover water removal pump cover is that it makes it suitable for a medium or large sized pool. Therefore, you can understand it easily considering the level of horsepower it brings with it. There is a 25 foot power cord or 25 foot pull to shore rope included. Moreover, these things help to power the pump and help the positioning of the pump above the pool cover.

However, during the winter when the snow starts falling, it is always wise to keep this pump away from the pool and indoor of the house. In snowing time there will be only snow around the pool cover and it is not possible to pump it away unless it melts. So, to keep the pump safe taking it far from open space like a pool is a good idea. It doesn’t let any damage happen to the pump. But the best thing about this pump is, this pump has a protection circuit that protects the motor from the locked condition that can probably be caused by debris buildup or frozen impeller state due to ice formation. Since the above ground pool winter cover pump is not a good idea, at least this pump can save itself from these issues to some extent.



  • This WAPC250 pump incorporates iSwitch technology. It tends to turn the pump on and off by sensing the presence of water
  • It has automatic freezing protection because of iSwitch technology to protect the pump
  • You just let the power cord plug in and leave it unattended the pump will do its work on its own
  • Auto on activates whenever there is water on the surface of the cover to a certain level and gets off when the water gets down
  • There are filters to minimize any sort of clogging
  • This pump is oil free and very efficient


  • The motor of this pump can be defective at times.


What the customers are saying?

* One of the verified users of this pump has said that he has been maintaining this pump regularly for years and so far it has been serving great to him. He has recommended the other user to buy it but for keeping it perfectly this pump must be kept with proper maintenance works.*

3. Little Giant 5-APCP Automatic Pool Cover Pump, Submersible Pump, 1/6 HP, 115V


This 5-APCP pool cover pump saves pool cover from the unwanted and prolonged accumulation of rain and melting snow. The automatic switch gets turned on when the water level is above a certain level and the switch also gets off when the water level goes down. This submersible sump pump for the swimming pool also behaves like a manual pump according to the circumstances. It has garden Hose adaptor is included.

No matter what this pool cover pump comes with 25ft long cord, 60 Hertz, 115V, and it can take water up to 1200 gallons per hour. It can protect your pool cover significantly. Additionally, it has a removable supporting plate that allows you to use other applications of this pool cover pump.

The Little Giant 5-APCP Pool Cover Pump is perfectly suited for protecting pool cover from standing water. This little giant automatic pool cover pump has a stabilizing plate and automatic switch and both are removable.



  • It comes with two years warranty.
  • Then it has a hose adaptor.
  • It has a supporting plate for stability.
  • The pump has an automatic feature that can switch on when the water level of the pool cover gets higher and it also gets off when the water level goes down. It also has a manual option when the circumstances are right.


  • The impeller of this pump can turn out to be dysfunctional sometimes.


What the customers are saying?

* A satisfied buyer has said that this Little Giant pump has plenty of power to get the water through his 50 foot hose with a 4 foot lift. This pump seems to have high-quality construction. But there is an issue that he got. It is that the air tube to not get clogged with water or debris. Here he needed to the plugin is not wholly covered from rain, so there would be a risk of water getting into the air tube.*

4. Little Giant PCP550 14942702 Pool Cover Pump, Pack of 1


The Little Giant PCP550 115V Pool Cover Pump with 25′ Power Cord (14942702) is one of the most positively reviewed above ground pool cover pump. This pool cover pump will pump away water above the pool cover up to 550 GPH at 0′ lift – 400 GPH at 3′ lift from your winter pool cover. However, this little giant pool cover pump is also ideal for household water transfer applications.

This is a perfect pool pump to ensure that your pool cover stays dry and free of ice or water from heavy rain. It is without any doubt a very efficient tool for keeping your pool cover safe from getting ruined sooner. Installing all the accessories of this pool pump is very easy and it can serve you for many years to come. This above ground pool winter cover pump comes with a 25 foot power cord as well. This pool cover pump also has a removable intake screen for easy cleaning and maintenance.



  • With this pool cover pump, it is easy to install all the accessories of the pump very easily.
  • This pool cover pump comes with a removable intake screen for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • It has 58 – Watt motor for efficiently using energy.
  • This pump has a powerful motor that can pump up to 550-gallons of water per hour.
  • Warranty is provided with this pump from the manufacturer for any kind of little giant pool cover pumps troubleshooting.
  • This pool cover pump is both manual and automatic.


  • Some user finds it questionable regarding longevity. To them, this pool cover pump is a kind of one season only type of pump.


What the customers are saying?

* One of the users of the pump said that he bought this pump five years back. He thought this pump will serve him only for a year. But to his utter surprise, the pump is still working so well that he thinks that his investment was worth it. He thinks this little giant brand is trustworthy while buying a pool cover pump.*

5. FibroPool Electric Swimming Pool Winter Cover Drain Pump (600 GPH)


The FibroPool Swimming Pool Cover Pump is designed in a way that is the fastest, easiest and most affordable draining solution on the market. This simple looking pool winter cover pump seems to be very mediocre. But when you bring it home and get to the service that I would offer to you, you are going to be amazed undoubtedly. This is one of the most hidden treasures now available in the market, you must have to think about while buying.

Don’t be deceived by how it looks. It looks so simple, but it surprisingly forces out 600 gallons per hour.

This amazing pool kit is pretty much hassle-free in the time of installation. So it doesn’t complicate things much when you consider using to pump away water from your pool cover during rain or winter.

This is pretty much durable as it is being made with durable, ABS casing. This casing is impact resistant and resists weather, rust, and other things. Thus, it extends the lifespan of the pump. You can save yourself from the headache of replacing your expensive equipment by taking care of excess water before it becomes a problem.

It has only one drawback, which is the power cord doesn’t have the standard 25 foot size it is only 16 foot.



  • Convenient for both above and in ground pool.
  • Very durable and lightweight so it doesn’t weigh down the pool cover.
  • It comes with a 16 foot power cord that can be plugged into any standard 110 volt wall outlet.
  • Moreover, it completely removes water from any pool depth.
  • Further, it has 75 watts motors.
  • It can be shut off manually.


  • It doesn’t come with a 25 foot standard sized power cord. But it can serve the purpose of a pump pretty fast.


What the customers are saying?

* A customer with a verified purchase of this product says after using this pump for a couple of days, he has decided that it was a very investment decision of his. The pump does its designated job perfectly by removing the water from the cover of his pool. Most importantly it does this job at a super-fast speed. So he is naturally super satisfied with this purchase of a pool cover pump.*

6. 500 GPH Universal Pool Cover Pump


GPH Universal Pool Cover Pump is a submersible pump. This pump is a 500 gallon per hour manual pump that you can set up onto the pool cover and lets it remove water from the surface of the pool cover. This is a very economical pump and it can survive for many years.

This submersible pump is primarily used to remove standing water from pool covers as well as it can be useful for wet basements or anywhere you need it. Then, it can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet. It also comes with a garden hose adapter. Additionally, this pump is very cheap and will last for many seasons. Complete instructions included with it for making the use of it easier for the users.

In simple words, this submersible pool cover pump is pretty trouble-free, unique, efficient and fast.



  • It is a submersible pump.
  • By the way, it comes with a power cord of 24 foot.
  • It removes almost up to 500 gallons per hour.
  • This pump uses a standard electrical outlet.
  • Finally, this pool cover is very versatile so it can be used for multiple purposes.


  • Some users may find it flimsy.


What the customers are saying?

* An old user who has been using this product since 2014 says with proper maintenance he is getting good service from this pump for quite a long time. Considering the price and everything he is very satisfied with this pool cover pump.*

7. Blue Wave Dredger Jr. 350 GPH Above Ground Pool Winter Cover Pump


Amazingly, this jr. cover pump removes extra accumulated water from your pool cover very fast. It is very lightweight and submersible. It pumps up to 350 gallons of water each hour. Features a reusable foam inlet filter and it has a base platform that stabilizes it. It requires an operator to manually turn it on and off.

Moreover, it can remove water up to 1/8 of an inch deep. Usually, it means when it is sunny day water below this height can easily be taken care of by the sun. Additionally, the kit includes an adaptor. It also comes with a 25 foot long power cord for the pump. In addition to this cord, the dredger junior will also easily remove the water that gets clogged in your spa, boat, basement and many more. On top of that, you will also get a 1-year warranty with it.



  • It has a manual on and off.
  • This pump pumps up to 350 gallons per hour.
  • This pump includes a reusable foam inlet filter. It also stabilizes the platform.
  • It also has a garden hose adaptor and 25 foot power cord.
  • Besides, it removes water to within 1/8 inch deep.


  • The hose connection can be ruined after several uses. But there is a warranty on the manufacturer’s side.


What the customers are saying?

* One of the very satisfied clients has said that he had to witness so much rain in their locality last month. So they needed to get rid of the water off the pool cover as soon as possible. He bought this dredger pump. It worked really great and pretty straight forward. He has recommended others to consider it while buying the above ground pool cover pump.*

8. 1 HP Sump Pumps Submersible Transfer Water Pump Electric Pool Pump Flood Drain Garden Pond Water Pressure Pump(US STOCK)


Important to notice that, you can use this pump for the above ground pool as a very helpful tool for any sort of flooding in a place. Additionally, it is a very practical yard work accessory in any garden pond, or even for any fountain. However, it works very well as swimming pool pumps for above ground pools. Finally, it pumps away easily from the water above the pool cover very swiftly without much complication.

However, this water pool pump also comes with greater power (1 HP) and a flow rate of 13500L/H or 3566 GPH. It will meet your needs to a great extent if you are looking for a pool cover pump to pump away the water from the pool cover.



  • It can quickly move away from water from different locations. So this powerful pump can save more time and energy.
  • Moreover, it has a thermoplastic body that ultimately protects the metal parts of the pump from Corrosion.
  • Then, it has an automatic switch with multiple applications. These are standard submersible or automatic operation.
  • You will like it that it is great for any flooded area and other situations to help you out getting rid of it.
  • Finally, it has a higher base plate that assures the prevention of debris collection.


  • Sometimes the float switch doesn’t work unless you push it forcefully.


What the customers are saying?

* A customer of this product says even though it looks very small, it is very powerful. It works perfectly on his 12*24 pool within 5 and a half hours. When it comes to comparing the cost of renting a pool cover pump including the tax, having a pump of his own seems more logical investment to him.*

When readers of this site buy through our link, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Therefore this affiliate commission never biased our product recommendation. Our motto is to promote the best products for consumers, through detailed research and market analysis.

9. Superior Pump 91330 1/3 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump with 10-Foot Cord


Superior Pump creates pumps that are built to last for a longer time. The best thing is that these pumps are also 100% factory tested. The superior pump uses solid copper motor windings, heavy duty stainless steel jacketed shaft seals, double o-ring seals on a motor plate, and electronically controlled split capacitors and thus it always focuses on using quality components. Superior Pump model 91330, 1/3 HP thermoplastic submersible utility pump comes along with a 10 foot power cord and a garden hose adapter.

However, it moves water up to 2400 gallons per hour. It has a suction screen to filter out debris and other materials that clog above the pool cover and it can cover 1/8 inch of solid easily. Last but not the least, this pump comes with a warranty also.



  • Removes 2400 gallons of water per hour.
  • The pump will lift water of 25 foot height.
  • Well, the pump comes with ¾ inch garden hose adapter.
  • This pump is built to last by the manufacturer.
  • The removable suction screen that comes with it can handle 1/8 inch solids.
  • It is built with quality components.
  • The pumps are 100% factory tested.


  • It tends to overheat and shut off.


What the customers are saying?

* A satisfied customer has said the pump is so far good. It does it work without any disturbance and works in his medium sized pool perfectly.*

These are some features of the above-mentioned pool cover pump at a glance:

Pump ModelHorsepowerQuiet OperationStrainer Basket SizeAdditional FeaturesCustomer RatingsProsCons
Pentair DYNII-NI-1-1/2 HP Dynamo Single Speed Pump1.5 HPNot very quietLarge capacityReinforced fiberglass, Self-priming designMixed ReviewsLarge capacity basket, Self-priming, Durable materialsNoise level, Durability concerns, Lack of clarity on lifespan
Hayward SP1780 PowerFlo II 1 HP Pool Pump1 HPQuietStandardStainless steel motor shaft, Overload protectorPositive ReviewsQuiet operation, Stainless steel motor shaft, Overload protectorDoes not come with a cord
Hayward CC10092S XStream 1 HP Filter Pump System1 HPQuietHigh capacityFlush-mounted pressure gauge, Air relief valvePositive ReviewsHigh filtration efficiency, Quick-release air relief valve, Corrosion-proof tankCan be challenging to remove the top cover
Harris H1572730 ProForce 1.5 HP Pool Pump1.5 HPMinimal noiseStandardCSA and ETL compliant, Reinforced thermoplastic bodyPositive ReviewsQuiet operation, CSA and ETL compliant, Budget-friendlyNot available for sale in California
Hayward SP15922S PowerFlo Matrix 1 HP Pump1 HPQuietLarge capacityOn/Off switch, Rear mounted switchPositive ReviewsOn/Off switch for convenience, High capacity, Energy-efficientDoes not come with a cord
Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX 1.5 HP Pool Pump1.5 HPSome noiseStandardDrip-proof, Heat-resistant double-sized sealPositive ReviewsDurable, High performance, AffordableLack of an on/off switch

Frequently Asked Questions

Are automatic pool cover pumps risky?

Answer: Not entirely. It almost depends on how you are maintaining it. Most of the automatic pool cover pumps have an automatic switch on/off capacity. Not to mention that the switch gets automatically on when the water level gets up above a certain point. The pump starts working immediately then. The pumping gets off when the water level goes down. However, you don’t have to do anything manually. You just have to see if the pump works fine in that definite water level and it gets off automatically after the pumping is done.

How do I get my pool pump pumping?

Answer: A pool cover pump starts either automatically or manually. Now it is up to you to decide which one works best for you. That means, you can buy the pump according to your needs.

How do I replace my pool cover pump myself?

Answer: Well, it depends on the size of the pool and the purpose of it. If the pool cover pump is big-sized and heavily weighted it would be better if a professional is being hired. But if it is not that much big and lightweight you can do it by yourself just by going through the written instruction the manufacturer provides with each pump.

Final Words

For maintaining a pool cover for multiple seasons you have to take enough care for it. So, for my pool, I take these above ground pool maintenance issues very seriously. So I have bought a pool cover pump after having the needed market research I could.

During the research phase, I came across these above mentioned top 9 above ground pool cover pumps. These are very appreciated to the buyers comparing the rest. So naturally, these are my top picks. You can consider one of these while buying a pool cover pump for your beloved pool. For keeping your pool good for a longer period these sorts of little investments are worth it. Ignoring these tools can cause even more hazardous to the pool than buying these tools in the first place. So no matter what, take an absolute logical decision when it comes to your very favorite pool at home.