Top 10 Best Above Ground Pool Ladder: A Guide to Follow

Do you know what was the most concerning and backbreaking work for me? I carried my children and then dragged them to the pool. Then I feel the lack of best above ground pool ladder.

This is not to be done. Many above ground pool Steps in the market can iron out this type of hassle. Just put a composite pool ladder and affix to the proper place of the above ground pool.

It may seem that buying a pool ladder is a negligible matter. But, believe me, it is one of the most concerning factors if you do any wrong in making the right decision.

Safety lies in picking the best above ground pool ladder. If you fail to choose the best, then it may have corrosion, maybe shaken or become loose or maybe damaged to occur accidents to your kids.

So, our whole research rests on this point. Check the above ground pool steps reviews here. We are going to help you pick the best pool ladders that are far from hurting your kids.

Let’s learn something first from Mr Rich Newsome about above ground pool ladder safety. Then we will go through the main discussion.


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10 Best Above Ground Pool Ladders Reviews: Top Picks (Products Reviews)

Pick the pool ladders that are standard for you and your kids both, so that it could easily support the weight of an adult.

10. Confer 6000X

Confer 6000X is a great staircase for the all types people want to swim. The appearance of the ladder is stylish too that would add beauty and value to your pool. The confer pool steps reviews are really good.

Confer 6000X Ladders


  • It can support around 300 pounds of weight that means any overweight person can climb up and down safely. On the other hand, several persons can be on this stainless steel above ground pool ladder at a time.
  • It is adaptable to the deep pool as the height of the staircase is 48″ to 54″ by the length. Additionally, you can adjust it to the low deep pool too.
  • The material, Resin is of high quality and durability. The whole ladder is of that material. The resin helps to save the ladder from the rust caused by being in water continuously.
  • You may cover the liner with the mats to secure pool ladder from damage. The mat can be expired but you can replace the mat every year.
  • The lightness makes it sometimes floating in the pool. You may fill in the above ground pool outside ladder with water and check the weight of it is not less than the water. Thus you may stop or reduce the floating.
  • Confer 6000X is made in a way that physically impaired person cannot face any difficulty to climb down the pool. They can come up through the ladder.
  • It meets the barrier condition of ANSI/APSP, so you may rely on it.

Key Features

  • Carry 300 pound of weight.
  • The dimension of the ladder 48″ to 54″ of depth
  • Resin material
  • Addition of mat and flanges with extra charge
  • Dimension of the steps 5″ length and 18″ width.

Confer 6000X



  • It is removable and you may put a cover over the pool in winter if you want to stop using in the winter.
  • It is very easy to put the ladder on the pool. Approximately you may take half an hour to attach this.
  • Good for above ground pool steps for handicap.
  • You won’t have the possibility to slip down the ladder and thus reduce the mishaps.
  • You have to anchor the ladder with the deck by deck flanges, which are not included in the package. No worries, you can get it with extra payment.
  • Good above ground pool ladders attached to deck. It is adjustable above ground pool ladder too.



  • The ladder is too much light but sturdy. For lightness, it may like floating in the water. But it doesn’t cause any accidents or mishaps.
  • It is somewhat expensive product as a pool ladder.

* The material and the shape of the Confer 6000X ladder are absolute for all types of people to use like all ages, all capabilities, good for especially disabled persons*

What are the Customers saying?

A customer says that a sturdier and cheap pool ladder that he searches for. Another big thing is that, it can be easily adjusted to any maximum or minimum height. He would definitely buy this again.

9. Vinyl Works SLD2 In-Pool 4 Step Ladder

Vinyl step stool for pool is a simple ladder with one side. It is made to use in the deepest of the pool for both inground and above ground pool. It is one of the best above ground pool stairs.

Vinyl Works


  • If the wall of your pool is at least 60 inches high then you can have the ladder attached to the pool. For high length, you can use it for the inground pool too.
  • It has four pool ladder steps to help the swimmers easily climb down the pool.
  • The materials of the ladder are mixed with high-quality aluminum and resin. The handrails are of aluminum and the rests are resin.
  • The gap between two steps is 11.75 inch which is much affordable for the kids to put their footsteps without fear. As the steps are wide and long enough so parents can let the kids mount down.
  • For the lower weight than water, it could be floated or shaken. You can solve the problem by adding water to the bottom of the ladder and bolted tightly to the surface of the pool.
  • The resin is of heavy-duty and it can prevent the rust growing out of the water and other environmental factors. The handrails step out of the water so the aluminum would not have any effect for corrosion.
  • The wide pool ladder is very convenient to use. Especially kids can climb down the 31.5-inch handrail comfortably. They can easily catch the rails in both hands strongly and it does not slip down the hands.
  • Vinyl Works supports 300 pounds in the steps of the ladders. So it is absolute for a person of high weight. And the supporting system also saves the ladder if several kids stand at the ladders and do mischievous acts.

Key Features

  • A metal swimming pool ladder of 4 steps.
  • The height of the Handrail of the ladder is 32.5 inch and is made of aluminum.
  • The height of the wall is 60 inch.
  • The gap of a footstep is 11.75 inch and steps are made of heavy-duty resin.

Vinyl Works SLD2 In-Pool 4 Step Ladder


  • You can set the Vinyl Works ladder much easily with low effort. When you need to open it, which is also much easier to do. Probably, this may need to be done in the wintertime, when you plan to cover the swimming pool for good preservation.
  • The last step among the four is positioned above some inch anti-slip base of the pool and bolted tightly to the pool surface.
  • Pool ladder replacement steps is easy here for the effortless assembling. You will find it easy definitely about how to install above ground pool ladder.


  • For the light feature than water, the ladder floats up the pool water.
  • You have to do proper maintenance especially for the steps because sometimes complain comes to slip over the step of the ladder.
  • You may skip a step of the ladders too if you are not conscious.

* Vinyl Works SLD2 is popular for the simple design and simple system of opening and bolting to the pool surface.*

What are the Customers saying?

One of the customers is very happy with this aluminum pool steps without deck for his grand children who are 3 & 5 years old. The top step is the the pool edge and the pool is 52 inch height. So it is at good level. It is absolutely free standing pool ladder.

8. Aqua Select Above Ground Anti-Slip Pool Steps to Deck

Aqua Select Anti-Slip Pool is designed to especially for above ground pool. It is more like a staircase than a ladder.

Aqua Select Above Ground Anti-Slip Pool Steps


  • You can put it down around 60 inches down the pool. You can use this in your pool for around 60-inch depth, which is very normal for the pool.
  • It can take about 400 pounds which means it is secured for your children to get on the steps all at a time without fear.
  • It’s very easy for your child to get through it down the pool. They can comfortably step down like as in a normal staircase.
  • You don’t need to worry about slipping in the steps. You could not even miss any steps like a ladder. Just walk down comfortably.
  • There are supporting braces on both sides of the ladder to help you walk down the pool. There are no chances of falling or shaking of the ladders.
  • The ladder is quick to install. It is absolute for all the above-ground pools which are of a flat base. It’s not very difficult to assemble and disassemble.

Key Features

  • The height of the riser is 11 inch.
  • It can bear 400-pound pool ladder weight capacity as every pool ladder has the weight limit.
  • The dimension of each step is 28″ W x 10 1/2″ D
  • The height of the front to back is 36 inch.

Aqua Select Above Ground Anti-Slip Pool Steps to Deck


  • Both sides are open for the Aqua Select Anti-Slip Pool ladder. This helps to circulate the water flow from the ladder to the pool consistently. This prevents the dulse growth in the ladder as the steps are not much slippery.
  • The continuous in and out water circulation helps the pool chemical not to stick in the steps of the ladder.
  • The ladder is durable with white frames. The white color makes it easy to be visible under the pool water at the blue view.


  • The staircase is a little bit expensive to buy.
  • Need quite a bit more time than the previous ladders for the size.

* Aqua Select ladder is good for the children to skip the slippery condition that they suffer mostly during swimming.*

What are the Customers saying?

The ladder has arrived very soon after ordering process. Installation is super easy. They take out it at night and add sand to the bottom top float those easily. Children find it easy to step up and down.

7. Confer Plastics Above Ground Pool Ladder In Pool step and Ladder

One of the best above ground pool steps, Confer Plastics ladder is an awesome staircase to use in the above ground swimming pool. It is made with plastic of a good color combination of white, blue and grey color.

Confer Plastics Above Ground Pool Ladder


  • If the wall of your pool is 48 to 54 inch high then you can easily use the best a frame pool ladder as it comes to a deck or pool at 60 inches.
  • During stepping down it can carry 400 pounds of weight. During stepping up from the ground it can carry 300 pounds of weight. So you have to be careful during coming up from the pool.
  • The dimension of the steps is 10 inches x 27 inches. That means these are much wider to help your child stepping at securely. Additionally, there is no possibility to miss any steps.
  • The steps under the pool are made with white color frames so that it is nicely visible with a bluish view under the water.
  • There are non slip tread in every step that helps the children get down with security. Moreover, the treads help to move the ladder into an upward position that adds to the security.
  • The ladder includes a locking system that makes it safe from unauthorized use.
  • It has the adjacent joints on both sides of the ladder that help it to attach to the deck or pool. If you don’t have any deck but is planning to buy in the future, then you will be benefitted by converting the Confer Plastics pool ladder to hook up to the deck.
  • You can pour in total 40 pounds of water to the opening of each 4 sides. Thus it prevents the floating with the water flow in the pool.

Key Features

  • Steps are 270 square inches wide.
  • Can take at least 300 pounds.
  • Total ladder dimension 81 inches x 31 inches x 32 inches
  • Depth to pool or deck 60 inches.
  • Step dimension 10 inches x 27 inches x 8 inches.

Confer Plastics Above Ground Pool Ladder In Pool step and Ladder


  • This 5 ft pool ladder works very well with the above ground pools that have the flat bottom.
  • The pieces of the ladders are easy to assemble. You can open it from the wall of the pool too with less effort.
  • It is much durable for many years to go than the previously stated ladders.
  • It has a nice water circulating system. This helps to flow water to pool through the opening parts of the ladder so that no algae can grow. It can help the pool chemicals too so that it can’t get stuck at the steps.
  • You can get both the facility of back ladder and front staircase., that is flip up system.


  • It is very expensive at price.
  • As it is made of plastic, so it can be prone to rust sometimes, so a good maintenance is necessary.
  • As the material is plastic, so never try to use this in the pool including any swollen tendency or pop-up style pools.

* Confer Plastics Above Ground Pool Ladder is awesome staircase and ladder system for higher security and durability for many years.*

What are the Customers saying?

There is an instruction to not to put the ladder on slope sided pools. But one of the customers find that it is enough tall for the 54″ pool and the ladder doesn’t seem to be damaged to the sloped side. The flip up safety function is also awesome.

6. 30″ Ocean Blue Mighty Step for Above Ground Pools

Ocean Blue Mighty Step ladder is a stylish design and a durable product to use for years. It is like a staircase ladder like the previous.

Ocean Blue Mighty Step for Above Ground Pools


  • It can accommodate 400 pounds of weight at a time. So several people can step on the ladder and no mishaps would happen.
  • It is 30 inches long and can be fit for the swimming pool, where the pool wall is 48 to 54 inches.
  • The ladder is in a curved feature and jagging condition.
  • The extra tall pool ladder is made up of sturdy expandable plastic
  • It can touch the pool bottom with this height.
  • The dimension of the ladder is 45 inches x 30 inches x 34 inches. This is enough to walk on safely.
  • The steps are wide enough to stand on. This is filled with non-slippery textures and kids don’t slip here. the gap in between the steps is 8 inches.
  • The ladder is good on the above ground pool which has a flat bottom.
  • There are attached braces to bolt the ladder to your pool.
  • The above ground pool railings are very comfortable to catch and keep a balance in the steps.
  • It may be in a shaken or floating position and for this, you may need to use a container full of sand and then anchor it safely by submerging into the pool water.

Key Features

  • The weight capacity is 400 pounds.
  • Dimension is 45 x 30x 34 inches
  • Each step is 8 inches long from front to back
  • Fixed to the wall of the pool that is 48 to 54 inch deep.

30 Degree Ocean Blue Mighty Step for Above Ground Pools


  • The liners can be protected through a mat around the bottom of the ladder under the pool water.
  • The relatively lower price that other staircase pool ladders.
  • The sides’ openings are available to keep out the water flow to the pool by proper circulation.
  • Whole the ladder and the steps are secured enough by anchoring at the bottom and locking system is also available.


  • You have to add weight like a sand container to save it from wobbling during usage.
  • There is no resin in the material, so maintenance should be necessary to save it from corrosion.
  • The assembling of all the parts needs some time. The snapping together is not that much easy.

* Ocean Blue Mighty Step ladder is a staircase of reasonable price with multiple functions.*

What are the Customers saying?

A customer says that the ladder is comparatively easy to assemble. Removing the ladder out of the pool is somewhat tricky with the weight but doesn’t create a huge pressure.

5. Confer Entry System Steps for Above Ground Pools

As the name suggests it is the awesome staircase for the pool among all the stated ladders. It has a gate or entry systems to have comfortable use as well as safety. One of the best above ground pool ladders with gate.

Confer Entry System Steps for Above Ground Pools


  • The whole staircase is made of resin that prevents rust in the steps. You may not have to do hard work to maintain it to prevent corrosion.
  • The most amazing feature is that it has a nice entry system that connects and enclosed two steps.
  • The gate has the self-locking system with a padlock.
  • It can fit itself with the 48 to 54 inches deep pools. The average depth of the pool would be like that.
  • The ladder is somewhat larger than the previous ones.
  • The dimension of the steps is 10 in. x 27 in. There is blue tread in the steps.
  • It can accommodate 380 pounds at a time on the steps of the ladder.
  • You can find it durable for long years as the making structure and material are very sturdy.
  • It is just like a sturdy staircase. You can enter and exit happily without any hassles. Your kids will not have the options even to slip or miss a step or fell.
  • Confer Entry system is good for the above ground pool, which has a flat base under the water.

Key Features

  • Weight capacity is 380 pounds.
  • The dimension of the step is 10 in. x 27 in.
  • It has a beautiful entry system with padlocks.
  • It is enough for the depth of the pool of 48 to 54 inches.

Confer Entry System for Above Ground Pools


  • The staircase has a top platform and two side rails that your small kids can move down the pool by grabbing the rails without effort.
  • Secured above ground pool entry steps.
  • One of the best above ground pool ladders with platform.
  • It is easy to join the parts and open the parts. You can assemble the whole staircase in a reduced time.
  • It can get floated under the water for its lightweight. To prevent the shaken feature you add more weight with water or sand. You may add these to all the 4 side openings by the amount of total of 40 pounds.


  • The ladder is in floating position, so you have to add weight.
  • It is an extremely expensive product.
  • The system is prohibited for inflammable and pops up styles pool.

* Confer Entry System ladder is popular for the exceptional feature of entry with locking system. It would provide the highest security to the usage of the staircase.*

What are the Customers saying?

The ladder is great and feels a little jerking or nothing as you step on the ladder. Installation and removing take some hours but is not hard to do.

4. Confer Curve Complete System Above Ground Swimming Pool Steps with Blue Treads

Confer Curve pool step is the molding and curved structure of awesome design and color combination. You can get come into two ways complete and step only.

Confer Curve Complete System Above Ground Swimming Pool Steps


  • The structure of the confer curve pool ladder is molding and curved in every part. It is durable because of its sturdy pool ladder feature.
  • The material of the confer curve ladder is resin, which is a harmful chemical and rust-resistant. As the ladder becomes submerged in the pool, it would always be in touch of water. But the corrosion resisting feature saves it. The color also doesn’t fade away.
  • During the installation, the steps are curved in any position front or backward.
  • The handrails and treads are twisting in a way that it matches with the pool water
  • The four steps are 32-inch depth in the ladder in the whole complete system. The step only goes for 27 inches in depth.
  • The ladder can carry around 400 pounds as the previous ones. So you can get on the steps with your children at a time.
  • Two-color tones with blue steps with grey tread make it the top-notch pool ladder for all.
  • The steps, handrails, the treads all the parts are beautifully bent in the most possible ways.
  • It includes a base pad to adjust it to the bottom of the pool strongly and prevent the floor. You need to get this separately.
  • You can hold the two deck mounted braces on both sides, which are enlarged at 24 inches.
  • It can get floated through the flow of water, so you have to add some weight with water, sand or pea gravel to prevent the shaking situation. The amount may be 70 lbs for complete system and step only is 40 lbs.

Key Features

  • The dimension of complete system 32 x 47 x 58 inches
  • Dimension of step only 27x 10 x 11 inches.
  • Weight capacity of 400 pounds.
  • Handrail height 30 inches ( from top step)

Confer Curve Complete System Above Ground Swimming Pool Steps with Blue Treads


  • You can easily assemble all the parts and open the parts too in necessary periods. You don’t need to get help from the experts.
  • It is the most convenient style to take steps on it and sit with relaxation.
  • You may easily enter and exit the steps with quick access.


  • The staircase is light in weight than water. So it floats front and back when you are in the steps. So you have to add weight to the bottom of the steps
  • The structure is big to handle anyways.

* If you want to get a stylish feature then, Confer curve complete system is perfect. The curving system in all the parts is a unique one.*

What are the Customers saying?

A customer says that he is love with this best above ground pool steps for decks. It doesn’t feel anything when he walks down the stairs. There is a bigger hole to use sands in it with a large funnel.

3. Aqua Select Heavy Duty Resin-Based Pool Deck Ladder for Above Ground Pool

Aqua Select completely looks like a ladder. It is fixed to the deck with the help of mount flange.

Aqua Select Heavy Duty Resin-Based Pool Deck Ladder


  • Aqua Select is not a staircase, just one-sided ladder that is used for the above ground pool.
  • It is simply designed and sturdy to use.
  • This Aqua Select is for the decks that are on average 48 to 54 inches high. So you may use this if the size of your pool wall is within this measurement.
  • The whole set is made of high duty resin that is responsible to prevent the rust in the ladder and thus save the heavy duty pool ladder from early expiration.
  • You can put an overall weight of 300 lbs on the steps of the ladder. So children may climb up along with one another. It is much more sturdy to take the expected weight.
  • It is easy to enter and exit the pool for you. But it may happen that for your children may miss a step or have fear of it as it has no handrails on both sides.
  • You can buy a protective pool ladder mat to use under the water. It helps to secure the floor from damage and also helps the ladder to attach strongly.

Key Features

  • The width of the steps is 22¾ inches
  • Weight lifting capacity is 300 lbs
  • Fit for the pools of 48 to 54 inches height.

Aqua Select Heavy Duty Resin-Based Pool Deck Ladder for Above Ground Pool


  • It is super easy easy set up pool ladder to the above ground pool.
  • You can attach the ladder to the deck by the help of the 4 screws. Thus it can securely be fixed to the floor.


  • The ladder is somewhat shaky and floats up and down with the flow of the water.
  • It is not applicable to use in soft-sided swimming pool or inflamed pool.
  • For the single-sided ladder kids may feel scared to climb up the steps.

* If you don’t have the kids at home and you just need a strong ladder for the pools you use then, go for the aqua Select Ladder.*

One of the customers says that all things are good about the aqua ladder. The only problem is that it goes straight to the pool and a little angle was better to use on it.

2. Biltmor Above Ground Step and Ladder System (Step and Ladder System)

Biltmor Above Ground Step and Ladder System is a fascinating and modern design for the style of sensitive people. It holds good review for above ground pool ladders and best pool steps.

Biltmor Above Ground Step and Ladder System


  • The unique thing is that it has both steps and a ladder system to help all kinds of people.
  • It has four kinds of options to use. You can use just as the ladder as ladder only feature. Moreover, you can use as both ladder and steps that are the steps are in the pool and the ladder is outside the pool in the back. You can use just as the steps like other previous. You can get the options of steps with lights too.
  • It is made of polyethylene which is easy to maintain and prevent rust and damage.
  • You can set it without a deck, the ladder at the backside and the steps are under the pool. The ladder and steps are attached tightly by the locking system that adds security.
  • BiltMor above ground pool controls the algae system in the steps of the whole system. It does this by controlling the water flow to the pool.
  • You may use the ultimate ladder cum step system to 54-inch depth pool. You can use it without deck at the above ground pool.
  • There is ruggedness in the steps of the staircase. So you can save yourself from slipping tendency to the pool.
  • There are the pads connected to the liner of the ladder that helps to protect the liner from the damage of any torn or corrosion.
  • The locking system creates extra security in the entry point.
  • The steps are long at 11 inches from one step to another and wider at 21 inches. So children face much comfortability to climb up here.
  • The Biltmor system can carry overall 350 pounds. So, several persons can step at the system at the same time. No damage would be there for support this weight.

Key Features

  • Both the ladder and steps are available.
  • Sturdy above ground pool steps
  • The dimension of the steps is 42 x 25 x 46 inches
  • The dimension of the steps is 44 x 19 x 24 inches
  • Weight carrying capacity 350 lbs

Biltmor Above Ground Step and Ladder System (Step and Ladder System)


  • There is no possibility of floating up and down the ladder and step system of Biltmor. It is locked to the ground.
  • The getting up and down the ladder is easy for kids to operate. This creates no fear for them at all.
  • The back ladder helps to support the whole system nicely.


  • The ladder should not be used with the swollen or pop up style pools.
  • Somewhat bigger object to carry.

* If you want to get the facility of both the ladder and step system at a reasonable price then it is perfect to buy. It creates extra security for your kids too to step up and down without effort.*

What are the Customers saying?

One of the customers says that he purchased this to replace the hand rail parts and connector part of the ladder that is supplied by the above ground pool. The rests are saved for the later. All the parts are very sturdy enough and the first one also went for a longer time and cracked with very rough use.

1. Confer Plastics Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder

One of the best Confer above ground pool steps. Confer Plastic is the staircase type ladder for the benefits of the children. The white ladder with grey steps is much more attractive too. It is another best rated above ground pool step.

Confer Plastics Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder


  • The ladder is mounted strongly with the braces to the pool. You can step on it securely.
  • The color combination is awesome to add value to the pool.
  • You can attach the ladder to the pool which is maximum 60 inches depth.
  • The steps are much wider from one to another that there is no possibility to skip a single step or fall accidentally.
  • The material of the Confer plastic is much more sturdy and durable to run for many years.
  • The Confer Plastic is awesome for the level above ground swimming pool.
  • Getting in or out of the steps is easy to maintain. Children can climb down or up the ladder without fear.
  • It can carry 400 pounds on the step, so your children can stay in the steps all together at a time. This would not carry any problems to the quality of the ladder.
  • You may add the weight of 40 pounds on each opening side of the ladder to prevent the floating up and down.
  • Both handrails are straight and strong enough for the kids to catch during getting down the pool or standing at the steps.

Key Features

  • The dimension of the ladder is 31″ x 32″
  • The dimension of each step is 10″ x 27″ x 8″
  • The height of the top step to top handrail is 38″
  • Weight Lifting capacity is 400 pounds.

Confer Plastics Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder


  • It is very easy for installation. You can put all the parts in less time to get in the pool with the ladder.
  • The plastic material has no chance to have any rust on it. It has control on water circulation system that helps the water flow down the pool and thus prevents algae growth. The circulation also helps to move out the chemicals.
  • The grey steps are visible under the water to clearly view it.


  • The ladder is seen floated up and down with the flow of the water. This may create fear in children. But you can solve the problem by adding weight or water at the bottom of the ladder under the pool.
  • It is not perfect for the swollen pool or stylishly designed pool.

* Confer Plastic is the reasonable ladder to use with all the benefits.*

What are the Customers saying?

The delivery is very fast and the ladder is sturdy enough to use roughly. Installation is very easy, as there are few steps, so one person is enough to do this. The customer says that he has arthritis, but climbing down this ladder is comfortable.

Things to Consider to Buy Above Ground Pool Ladder

Ladders or Staircase

Here in the review, we have seen two different types of the ladder. Some are just ladder types, another is a staircase; even we have found a ladder cum steps, both the system in one instrument. If you have little kids or toddlers, I suggest purchasing the system that includes the staircase or wider step system. The ladders have no handrails, so kids may fall suddenly or feel insecure to get in and out.

If no little kids or toddlers are there, then you may choose the ladder that has only the ladder system, as you don’t have that insecurity like the kids. But ultimately, the choice is yours to use the best way pool ladder.


Security is the most important factor for you and children both. If the material is something that slips frequently or the structure is not safe for the children to get through; then skip the ladders. Don’t consider the conform ability or beauty more than safety.

The locking system of the ladder should be perfect to ensure safe access. The handrails of the staircase should be like that the children can hold these strongly and have the balance on the steps. Note the lining of the ladders too so that children may not get hurt to it.
So, walk in steps for above ground pool is important to consider during buying the ladder.


Most of the ladders have in total of 4 steps. These steps are the important factor for a ladder, as swimmers mainly stand on it and climb down through these steps to pools.

The width and length should be like that it can accommodate any measurement of footsteps. You must have to check the quality and dimensions of the steps before buying the ladders. Otherwise unexpected mishaps may happen.

Weight Capacity

Check the weight lifting capacity for a ladder. If you have several children, then try to purchase to buy within 400 lbs. Most of the time the children try to step in all together at a time, they love to do it. So, purchasing the ladder of a high weight capacity can minimize the problems.

In another way, if there are one or some obese members in the family, you have to take care of this even if no children. At that point, you may need a high weight capacity ladder too.


Ladders which are not rust-resist or algae resist become messes frequently. Thus these could damage the ladders too. For this reason, try to buy an above ground ladder that tends to be less maintained.

Otherwise, you have to clean or maintain the ladders regularly on your own.

Assembling Procedure

The assembling procedure is an important thing to follow. You may need to open the ladder for the winter to cover up the swimming pool. Otherwise, it would get dirty.

Passing time to assemble and disassemble the parts of the ladder should not need more support from outside. So always check the opening and bolting procedure on your own.


Another factor is the visibility of the steps under the water. It is important for your children. If they see the ladders easily under the water then they feel secure and don’t skip the steps too.

White or blue or grey whatever the color is, make sure it is visible from standing location at the steps of the staircase or ladders under the pool water.

Ladder’s Dimension

There are different types of ladders of various dimensions. Measure the dimension of your pool and decide to choose the ladder that can go down to the expected depth of the above ground pool.

If you don’t check the fact, you can come with the ladder but doesn’t fit it to the depth of your pool.


You know better about this. You have a budget and you want to choose the ladder that provides you the best service within the lowest price.

But it is true that more quality, more price. But you may choose the options aligned to the ladders. If you can skip some options or facilities then you can get a good quality ladder at less cost. Also, there are lots of manufacturers who make the ladders with good quality and reduced price at the starting of the business.

Frequently Asked Questions for Above Ground Pool Ladder

1) How much weight can a pool ladder hold?

You can get the ladder for which the weight capacity comes between the 300 to 400 lbs. The ideal weight capacity should be 400 lbs to have safety during climbing down the pool where there are many children.

So, try to hold the ladder with more weight capacity.

2) How do I keep my pool ladder from floating?

The ladder floats because of the low weight than the water flow. So to skip the ladder floating, you have to add weight to the ladder.

Just get some pounds of water or sand; on an average, every pool needs around 40 lbs to add weight. This weight can be added by a water container or sealed sandbag to the parts of the ladders.

3) How to Attach a Pool Ladder to a Deck?

You have to attach the pool ladder to the deck by the flanges and screws. Align the deck and ladder at the specific point and put the flanges wherever you want to bolt it. After that, bolt the flanges to the ladder.

The depth of the ladder should be fit for the height of the deck so that you can anchor the ladder to the pool properly.

4) Can you use above ground pool steps in an inground pool?

Yes, you can use most of the above ground pool ladders to Inground. We notice some above ground pools have decks and some don’t. There are two types of ladder system, one is wholly ladder and another is a staircase. One side in steps, the outside of the ladder connected to ground or deck.

A simple above ground ladder can be easily used for the Inground Pool. The ladder only system can be the best for the Inground pool as well.

5) How much does a pool ladder cost?

The cost of pool ladder differs according to the functions. As you have read through the content we have evaluated diverse types of contents which is of different value. Regarding the size of the pool and user of the pool you can have the experience to see various prices of the ladder.

Don’t panic about the high price of some ladder because it is the price that users give for the extra facilities and features.

6) How to fill pool ladder with sand?

To protect the ladder from floating in the pool some steps can be done. Among those steps, filling the ladder with sand is one way. Estimation of the amount of sand depends on the pool steps. To pour the sand inside you need a funnel. Direct the sand till the hole is filled to the top.

After that, get down the steps and check whether it is still floating or not. If the position is stable then leave it to work finally.

7) How to set up a pool ladder?

First start with both right leg and right step clips. Open the step clips and skid it to top to down. Ensure the pole lives inside the legs. Repeat the same for left leg.

Drift all the step clips until all the clips are adjusted through the legs. Slide down all the clips. Make sure the “R” identified steps are on right leg and “L” identified steps are on left legs.

Install the lock and tighten it until it is fully braced. Then put both the legs on vertical position where the feet seem to stand on. After that attach the handles of the ladder on both leg sections.

Then make all the sections parallel to the ground. Ensure to screw the machines to the ladder through the inner side of the handles, so that the handles won’t get separated from the ladder.

Finally if there are safety railing then install it properly.

Final Verdict

Now you should not be confused that what type of above pool ladder you may purchase. It is just about your personal choice, demand, level of safety, demography in the family, etc. We have tried to cover above ground pool ladder reviews nicely among lots of pool ladder ideas.