Inground vs Above Ground Pools: Benefits of Each Pool

A bathtub is not enough for the people in the United States for cooling themselves in the summer. They need a pool. You will be surprised to know that around 10.4 million residents in the USA occupy inground or ground pool according to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. Let’s get the idea about Inground vs Above Ground Pools.

Another reason behind the pool availability is, swimming is the 4th major sports activity in the USA. It is found according to the US Census Bureau. It is one of the best recreational activities for teenage kids and toddlers too. So, people in the USA mostly install the pools for the entertainment and practice of swimming of their children.

You think that it is the best time to dig the pool in your back yard, but you are not sure about which one is preferable. We are here for helping you out in this regard to demonstrate in ground vs above ground pool.

What is an Inground Pool?

Simply, a pool that is based on the underground. The in-ground pool boosts the beauty of the house and the comfortability of your life in summer. The Inground pool installation cost creates a major investment as it is one of the permanent costs. You have to maintain the yearly cost too. This will put a hike in your electric bill for using the water heater, water bill to refill the pool regularly and so on.

The Inground pool installation process is also a complex and lengthy one. You have to wait long to get the whole pool even if you plan to make the DIY inground pool.

There are several inground pool designs that you can acquire. Gunite is the perfect inground pool in the backyard with different types, durable in feature and can come in various shapes. Fibreglass inground pools can come in various shapes and with fibre optic light for the night swimming. Vinyl is the inground pool with deck. Optimum Pool is the semi inground pool on a slope and ideal for easy installation and maintenance.

What is an Above Ground Pool?

You are searching for a temporary solution for the swimming and you have limited time, limited budget and limited space in your yard of the house. Then go to take the advantages of above ground pools. There are a lot of pros and cons of above ground pools to choose from on a large scale.

Though it doesn’t increase the beautiful view of the house as like inground pool, kids love to play and swim in it very much. So if you have little kids and have a very compressed budget then the above ground pool option is the best. Above the ground pool, the installation cost is reasonable for all to afford.

There are various types of best above ground pools. The resin pool is highly innovative made from resin material. A hybrid Pool is a combination of steel and resin material. Steel Pools are very strong and one of the best above ground pool options. Optimum Pool is the best permanent above ground pool.

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Comparison and Contrast Inground vs Above Ground Pool

We have evaluated both the pools with some criteria:

Cost for Above Ground vs Inground Pool

Inground Pool

Above ground pool cost vs inground is a crucial matter to consider. The Inground pool cost is an expensive one as mostly it is a permanent pool. The inground pool installation cost depends on some variables like the size, material, options, features, etc.

For the Gunite, Fiberglass, Vinyl or optimum pool all incur an average of 30000$ to 100000$. Puzzled to count the cost? You may hear the pool to be priced at 10000$ to 15000$ Dollar. But you could never imagine this includes the hidden cost.

The costs aligned to the installation of the Inground pool are inclined to:

  • Heaters, Covers, and Generators
  • Landscaping
  • Decking around the pool
  • Electrical connection

Above Ground Pool

There is a question about are above ground pools cheaper? Above ground pool, the installation cost is less expensive compared to Inground. The cost depends on the size, shape, quality, material and other features too. For example, the oval shape is more expensive than the Round and the Rectangular shape is the most pricey shape among these.

Approximately you may incur a total cost of 4000$ to 12000$ Dollar. This cost is associated with

  • Swimming pool kit ($1500 to $4500)
  • Above ground Installation ($1000 to $3000)
  • Decking to a surrounded area (as a requirement)

Some manufacturers produce very cheap pool to get the benefits of the above ground pool at low cost like as $100 to $1000. But that would not be so much durable to use for a long time.

Installation for Above Ground Swimming Pool vs Inground Pool

Inground Pool

If you plan to enjoy the facility of an inground pool, then you have to wait for the time needed to build it. Basically, you have to endure more or less 6 to 8 weeks as inground pool installation time to get the full work done.

The inground pool installation process depends on major 3 activities:

  • Shoveling: You need to Excavate at a suitable place of the backyard with a heavy instrument with proper permission.
  • Bordering: After the plumbing and wiring activities you may cover the area surrounding and deck.
  • Finishing Touch: Finally you can finish the internal area of the pool with concrete & other related materials and fill with water.

Above Ground Pool

Most above ground pools require DIY installation. The above-ground pool installation is very easy by assembling the parts purchased. Very few companies are here that make the installation process for you. As the building is easy so it takes less time than in-ground as like 1 to 7 days.

For above ground pool vs fibreglass, the installation is easy for above ground pool.

The Above ground pool installation process depends on major 3 activities:
  • Levelling: You have to level the place where the pool is going to be installed. You have to flatten the soil and sand to make it ready for installation.
  • Bordering: As like inground it needs the framing to surround for decking system. During this time the wiring and electrical plumbing are used.
  • Finishing Touch: Then you may finish the process by putting the lining and filling it with water. After that, you can add additional features to get more benefits of an above ground pool.

Space for Inground Pool vs Above Ground Pool

Inground Pool

Space availability surely is an important factor to determine the size of the pool. Moreover, among the pros and cons of Inground Pool, it is one of the advantages that you can make as big as a swimming pool if you can afford.

Above Ground Pool

With the available space, you may make an above ground pool by surrounding the decks and outside of the pool. If you want to make a very big enough pool like 30″ then, you have to go through some inground options.

Space for Underground Pool vs Above Ground Pool

Inground Pool

If the soil is rockier and buggy in nature then it becomes difficult to dig the inground pool. Moreover, near the sea where the water level is high, it needs much complexity to erect water. It needs a frequent dewatering system too. Sometimes the soil lacks structural probity which is much more complicated to excavate.

Above Ground Pool

It doesn’t depend too much on the soil as you don’t have to dig it. But the quality of the soil should be good enough to catch the water system strongly without any damage to the soil and the pool. With a surrounding pool deck, the soil matters here less than the inground.

Safety for Inground vs Above Ground Pools

Inground Pool

Whatever types of pool you prefer, pool safety is important for both. As the inground pool lacks the surrounding deck, so falling in the pool is more probable here. On the other hand, the inground pool would be much deeper than that of the above-ground, so drowning occurrence is a matter of more concern.

Above Ground Pool

The above-ground pool is surrounded by a fence and covered during the winter or extreme summer. So, more safety options go with the advantages of above ground pools. This cannot go with the inground pool. Moreover, the locked ladder and the integrated deck are much safer in terms of the above ground pool.

Maintenance for Inground vs Above Ground Pools

Inground Pool

Inground pool maintenance is easy if you use the pool less frequent and smaller size. If the pool is bigger then, you have to use heavy and big cleaning pieces of equipment like pumps and filters that are effective. On the other hand, the maintenance depends on the surrounding environment, like a number of trees, breezing location, and pool location, your hygiene needs, filtering system, etc.

Moreover, the inground pool incurs lots of maintenance cost like a replacement, repair, and renovation, which are known as 3 R’s. Inground vs above ground pool pump is also different.

The maintenance depends on the durability too. The inground pool is more durable and less likely to damage. But if any damage happens then maintenance cost would be higher as repairing an inground pool like Vinyl or fibreglass is more expensive.

Above Ground Pool

Above ground pool maintenance cost in these 3 R’s is not so much, as it is simpler and smaller than inground. Therefore above ground pool pros lie here. As the water volume is low here, so you don’t have to pump for long.

But in the above pool, you can also use bigger equipment for the large size and large volume. Then it may seek a little care or maintenance. For less durability feature, it is more prone to damage and the repairing cost is less than an inground pool.

Permanence for Inground Pool vs Above Ground Pool

Inground Pool

The inground pool has more longevity than the other for its durable material. Basically, it can be refurbished every 25 years and can stay for at least 50 years if you can maintain it properly.

Lifespan is different in terms of the types of inground pool. For example, Gunite Pool is much durable than the Fiberglass as it is made of concrete and can stay for around 50 years. On the other hand, the Fiberglass pool can stay for 25 years with refurbishment in every 10 years.

Another pool Vinyl has much less durability than all of these, as it can be punctured or torn in anyway.

Above Ground Pool

It is important to analyze how long will above ground pool last. You can find two types of above ground pools like Temporary and Permanent. The temporary is a portable one that means you can move it as per your choice. The durability of that portable one at best is 5 years.

If you choose the permanent above ground pools then you can get some more durability as Inground. You can use this for 25 years with appropriate maintenance to gain above ground pool pros.

Extra Features for Inground Pool vs Above Ground Pool

Inground Pool

For inground pool you are open to customize the pool with various shapes & sizes and establish some features like

Inground Pool Extra Features
Waterfalls Beauty and Spas
Fire Features Lighting
Padding Shelf Small Slider
Grottos Kids Shallow Pool
Pool cover of different Shape design

Above Ground Pool

Above Ground pool features are limited to the size and material of the pool. If the pool is made with concrete then you can get lots of features

Above Ground Pool Extra Features
Customized Shape Heater
Chlorine Cleaning Lighting
Automatic Cleaners Wood Deck Surrounding

Why Above Ground Pool is better than Inground Pool?

There are pros and cons of above ground pool, but above ground pool advantages weigh more. Usually, for residence work, the benefits of Above Ground Pool are more than Inground Pool. But having above ground or in ground pool is a self perception just.

  • In terms of Usage

    You can have the choice of making a temporary and permanent pool by Above Ground system. If you need to move from the place you can remove the pool if it is temporary. Or you can move it for a temporary time. You can also get limited benefits of inground pool with low budget then, the option of the above ground is available.

  • In terms of Cost

    There are many pros and cons of above ground pools. But the Inground pool is a lengthy and expensive process for most of the people to avail. The investment, maintenance and replacement cost are higher for Inground Pool. On the other side, Above Ground Pool is low on expenses.

  • In Terms of Safety

    The Above ground pool is much safer than Inground Pool. You will be surprised to know that around 58% of pool drowning occurs in Inground pool and it is found by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. For the bigger space and size, the inground pool is liable for more accidental drowning.

    The matter of fact about the point that Above Ground pool is better is just an issue in which a group of people complies.

    Nevertheless, each pool is better for people of different choice and perspective.

Final Thought

Whether it is above or inground swimming pool, choice of the pool is completely a matter of perception, capability, and need. It’s not like that Above Ground pool works over Inground pool or vice versa. Think about your family, land, affordability and try to match with our clear explanation.

If you think you will be living in this place for the very long years and are capable to build an Inground pool, then definitely you should go with the benefits of Inground Pool.

I hope you can get enough information to analyze the Inground vs Above Ground Pool. The knowledge shared is reliable as we want to help you to choose the correct pool.

Whatever the decision you make; make sure about the safety, hygiene and cost-saving process for both types of pools. Your kids should be the major concern for this.