6 Best Above Ground Pool Pump That Will Serve You The Best And Longest

Choosing right above ground pool pump is not complicated at all

So many people give up when they want to buy above ground pool only because they know there are many other things they need to get alongside the pool. Among those things are
covers, lights, pumps and filters and so on.

Indeed it really sounds scary when you think about all these tiny, but annoying stuff you need to buy. Of course, whenever you want to buy above ground pool, you need to take such things into account, and many people actually do so. However, they are too lazy, or too anxious to buy such equipment because they are not sure whether they will succeed in choosing the right items.

I completely understand them; it looks really demanding and takes energy and time from you. I still remember how it was when I was looking forward to getting a fresh new above ground pool.

I literally was spending my whole spare time in order to find all these products and check if they were compatible. However, I was so nervous because of it and could merely talk normally with other people. When I finally bought all the needed things, I felt a big relief. That’s why I will try to help you to find the right and best above ground pump for you.

Taking all these words I said into consideration, the title of this section sounds ironic and contradictory. But my point is actually that once you get all these items, it will look silly to you. You will literally laugh at how nervous you were because of these stupid worries.

That’s why experience is an important thing and if you don’t have it, then you should ask someone who has. It will shorten you the process of buying a pump and save you a lot of nerves and time, and potentially money. Therefore, this is the right place for you.

Having a pump is unquestionably important

How do you suppose to keep your pool healthy and clean without a good pump, or even worse, without a pump at all? Well, there are some alternatives, but none of them is something you want. Of course, you can always entirely change the water and refill the pool, but it is so archaic and inefficient method. No need to mention it will cost you a lot of time, energy, and nerves. All joy will extinguish and you will get nothing in return.

It doesn’t sound attractive, does it? Well, there is a very simple solution for that. It’s called a pool pump. If you have above ground pool and don’t have a pump, you just have to get one. The benefits of using a pool pump are countless, and I can name them until tomorrow. However, I think many of these benefits are self-evident so I will move to choose the right pump.

What happens when you have the wrong pump?

Well, obviously, many things can go wrong when you have wrong or bad above ground pool pump. First of all, if you have a too weak pump and too big a pool, your pump can easily get broken. I can’t forget how tough time a friend of mine had several months ago when he “overdosed” his pump. Namely, he had to change his old pump and buy a new one, but it turned out he bought an inadequate pump. He has a very big pool, over 28-feet probably, and his new pump was too weak.

It had less than 1000 gph pump rate, and I was very suspicious about that. I warned him many times that he maybe should reconsider which pump he is buying, but he just didn’t listen. He is one of those stubborn people who think they know the best and don’t accept suggestions very well. I was explaining to him that he has a too big pool for such a weak pump. He thought he would save some money buying a weaker pump, but it wasn’t a case. He ended up buying a completely new pump, and in the end, he just wasted money instead of saving it.

You also should choose the right pump housing mount. You need a top-mount pump if your filter is located above ground pump. Otherwise, if your filter is on the same level as your pump, you need a side-mount pump. This is kind of obvious things you should take care of.

Also, I recommend you to not use pumps you get in above ground pool package if there is any. Simply, most of the time, those pumps are maybe adequate, but they are low-quality and inefficient pumps. You should always check on Internet how good your pump is, and compare it with some of the pumps from this article. So many times, these pumps are too noisy, unpractical, hard to maintain, and so on.

You definitely don’t want broken jukebox instead of the pump. Plus, it’s very questionable whether these pumps clean your pool properly. It’s further dangerous because you will think your pump does everything how it’s supposed to do, but you will perhaps be wrong without even knowing it.

What types of pumps are there?

Whenever you want to buy something new that you have never bought before, you should

research that product as best as you can. By knowing as many facts as possible, you will be able to distinguish bad and unwanted equipment from the one you need. Therefore, here is everything you need to know about types of pumps.

Single-speed pumps

As the name suggests, single-speed pumps have only one constant speed and they work all-time at the same speed. They are the most common pumps, and usually cheaper than other ones. However, these pumps have many disadvantages.

To name a few, they are usually much louder than other pumps as they need to work on high speed most time, and high speed typically means louder sound. As I already said, you need a pump, not a jukebox. Nonetheless, single-pump pumps don’t have to necessarily be bad, considering there are a lot of good single-speed pumps.

Dual-speed pumps

Unlike single-speed pumps, dual-speed pumps offer you a choice. You can choose whether you want your pump to run at high or low speed. No need to emphasize that this is better than the previous one.

Sometimes, you need your pump just to help water in the pool circulate, not to completely clean it. That can save you resources and electricity, also as said, lower speed means lower sound. However, these two types of pumps have one thing in common. They both have an induction motor which has its own advantages and disadvantages, but it’s a different subject.

Variable speeds pumps

This one is most likely the best type of above ground pool pumps. It provides you with the possibility to choose literally any speed you want. It’s so beneficial in many different ways. Also, unlike the previous two types, variable speeds pumps use a permanent magnet motor which is the same type of motor that electric cars use.

It’s way more efficient, economical and good for the environment. However, high-quality comes at a high price. Therefore, this variable speeds pumps are the most expensive ones of these three types of pumps. But, you should look at it as an investment in the long run. Many people make the same common mistake. They buy cheaper equipment to save some money (as my friend from above) and they end up with many more outgoings at the end of the year. That’s also why I recommend this type of pump the best.

Most common mistakes people make while using pumps

There are so many mistakes people make due to their ignorance or laziness. Sometimes, they do something because they think that will save them money, resources, nerves, or simply because it’s the easiest way.

However, most of them lose all these things in the long run because they plan and look very shallow. I really want you to avoid all these mistakes all people make at the beginning. Even I made some of them when I got my first pump, and I know how damaging they could be. That’s why I will name a few of them in order to be of assistance to you.

Using pump too much or too rarely

Using something too much or too rarely is generally not a good thing in any situation. It becomes evident especially when it comes to pumps. I know many people that don’t care about water in the pool, and that’s why they turn their pump off before the water gets turned over at least once. To be honest, I can’t blame anyone as that was what I was doing when bough pumps for the first time.

It was logical to me that if I use pump less, then I will pay electrical bills less – pure logic. Regardless, I didn’t take many other factors into account. Quickly, the water in the pool started getting green and dirty. I had to spend hundreds of additional dollars on chemicals in order to keep my pool clean. I needed so much time to realize what the problem was. Then, I understood that I need to wait until all the water gets turned out.

Consequently, I ended up on the other side of extreme. Namely, I was so scared because of the possibility the same thing can happen to me. Therefore, I didn’t turn off my pump at all. But it was bad as well. Firstly, my electrical bills significantly got raised, and eventually, my pump got broken.

It was so much of a burden for the pump and it couldn’t bear it. So, choose the right work rate for your pump. It should be determined by your pool size and your pump rate. Basically, your goal is to get the water turned over at least once per day and that’s it. You don’t need your pump to work non-stop.

Keeping basket unclean

I really don’t see why someone would keep their baskets unclean. I mean, I understand that people are laze and all, but it’s not a good reason at all. You spent your money on a pump, so don’t make its job harder. In the end, the purpose of the pump is to keep your pool clean, and it cannot do it without a clean basket. So, do it; clean the pump basket at least once per week. There is a lot of debris and other stuff that can overwhelm your pump and stop it working. Therefore, be conscientious and respect the money you gave for your pump.

Not choosing the right size of the pump

The size of the pool is not the only thing that matters. You also need to know what adequate size of pump for your pool is, or at least how many horsepowers your pump has to have in order to keep water in your pool clean.


Some people think that more horsepower is better by default, but it actually is not always the case. First of all, if you have a small pool, so a big pump can cause unnecessary big electrical bills. In addition to that, too much horsepower for the small pool can even damage your pump’s parts and cause them not to work properly.

So, there is a lot of unnecessary and unwanted things that come with needless huge horsepower. On the other side, you can’t save money by buying a smaller pump than needed. Obviously, it can’t do the job and potentially it will get broken. Therefore, you need to calculate precisely how big, or if you want, how strong the pump you need.


See how many gallons your pool has, and see what the work rate of the pump is. You need to get compatible numbers in order to be able to clean your pool from 8 to 12 hours, which is a kind of optimal time for cleaning the pool. Best above ground pool pump

When readers of this site buy through our link, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Therefore this affiliate commission never biased our product recommendation. Our motto is to promote the best products for consumers, through detailed research and market analysis.

Best Above Ground Pool Pumps

6. Pentair DYNII-NI-1-1/2 HP Dynamo Single Speed Aboveground Pool Pump with Cord, 1-1/2 HP



Pentair Dynamo Single Speed pump is designed to be quiet, super reliable, and efficient. Its self-priming design ensures durability and long life of the pump, and its reinforced fiberglass provides a pump with strength and stability. It comes with a large capacity basket with a see-thru lid and unique diffuser and impeller for great flow rates.

Let’s be honest, this is not the best above ground pool pump you can find out there in the market. Although the producers claim it is very reliable and durable, as well as quite, many customers said quite opposite. When it comes to durability, there are so many different opinions. Some say it can last for several years, and on the other hand, some say it got broken after a couple of months. Therefore, we cannot estimate how long this pump is going to last.

Anyway, it has a year warranty, so you can always get at least some of your money back in case that it gets broken. Tough buyers cannot agree on how long this pump last, they all have the same opinion about its noise. It seems like the producer’s statement that this pump is designed to be quiet is false. And so many customers’ reviews prove that. Nevertheless, there are several reasons why this pump found its place here, and why it worth giving it an opportunity.

Its large capacity basket can very convenient on many different occasions. I had a pretty bad experience with some pumps with small baskets. You literally have to clean it every day, because it gets filled very quickly. Also, I have never been able to leave pump cleaning water when it was extremely dirty. Simply, I was scared that it will get too overflowing and eventually get broken.

I know that it actually happened once to my friend, so that’s why I find having such a big basket very convenient. In addition, its see-thru lid provides you with the possibility of constantly checking the level of debris in the basket.

Therefore, you don’t have to open basket on a daily basis unless you see it got filled. Another great thing is the unique diffuser and impeller that enable you to use excellent flow rates. There is no need for an explanation of why is that so good. Simply, it will help you to turn over the water in your pool faster, and it will further shorten the time needed for the maintenance of the pool.



  • Large capacity basket
  • Reinforced fiberglass


  • It seems it’s not so quite as producer claims


5. Hayward SP1780 PowerFlo II 1 HP Above-Ground Swimming Pool Pump



Hayward PowerFlo II is self-priming pump that comes with heavy-duty motor with stainless steel motor shaft and automatic thermal overload protector. It offers durable, corrosion-proof housing and quite operation for all-weather performance. It also comes with hundred percent drip proof, heat-resistant double sized seal. Its integral diffuser secures rapid priming.

Hayward is a very well-known company which produces, inter alia, above ground pool pumps. As you can see, there are four out six Hayward pumps here. That actually shows us how good equipment they produce. This PowerFlo above ground pump is not an exception. Unlike the previous pump, this pump is indeed quite, and that is confirmed by many satisfied customers.

I already said this couple of times, but I will repeat once more – you don’t need jukebox; you need a pump. Every pump should be imperceptible, and it is supposed to work in such a way that you are not even aware of it. Hearing a pump that makes a too loud sound while you are enjoying your pool games can ruin your day. That’s why I really appreciate producers who take care of this, at first glance tinny problem.

Also, I think there is no need to emphasize the importance of having drip proof and heat-resistant seal. Otherwise, so many things can go wrong and you can easily end up looking for a new pump because the old one got broken. However, there is one annoying thing about this particular product, and that’s lack of power cord.

That means that you need to spend some additional money and time on finding the adequate cord, but it’s not such a big problem considering what you get when you once buy this pump. Plus, it’s not so expensive, so additional 20-30 bucks shouldn’t be the problem for you.



  • Durable and quite
  • Corrosion-proof housing
  • Self-priming


  • It doesn’t come with cord


4. Hayward CC10092S XStream 1 HP Above-Ground Pool Filter Pump System



Hayward XStream
Pool Filter Pump System is designed specifically for the rigors of above-ground filtration. It’s made to be used easy with flexible or rigid plumbing. It has flush mounted pressure gauge and high capacity, quick release air relief valve.

It comes with non-corrosive and glass reinforced filter tank.

You probably got shocked when you saw the price, but trust me, this filter pump is worth of it. First of all, I need to stress out this is not an ordinary pump. It actually filters pump and that’s why it’s more expensive than others.

That further means that this pump is specialized for filtering water, so it will do a much more efficient and better job than a standard pump. It has everything one filter pump needs to have: flush-mounted pressure gauge, high capacity air relief valve, non-corrosive filter tank, and so on. If you decide to buy this pump filter, you should know that getting the top off can be a little bit hard job to do.


  • Flush mounted pressure gauge
  • Quick release, high capacity air relief valve
  • Non-corrosive filter tank


  • It is not the cheapest pump you will find


3. Harris H1572730 ProForce 1.5 HP Above Ground Pool Pump 115V


Harris ProForce 115V Pump comes with stainless steel 1.5 HP motor shaft which is constructed with reinforced thermoplastic body. It is designed to offer you high efficiency followed by lack of noise. It meets all CSA and ETL requirements. It’s very important to mention that this pump is not available for sale in California.


  • Motor with reinforced thermoplastic body
  • Minimal noise
  • It meets CSA and ETL requirements
  • Price


  • It is not available for sale in California


Here is another great piece of equipment for your above ground pool. Harris ProForce is a very good and reliable pump that can help you keep your pool in good condition. Again, it produces minimal noise, which is a big advantage of this pump. Also, the fact it meets CSA and ETL requirements really gives you feel of relief.

It’s always good to know that your pump is completely safe and that nothing bad can happen to you. Plus, Harris ProForce is very cheap in comparison with other pumps from this list. Unfortunately, if you are from California, you can’t buy this pump.

2. Hayward SP15922S PowerFlo Matrix 1 HP Dual-Speed Above-Ground Swimming Pool Pump



Hayward PowerFlo Matrix Above Ground Pool Pump comes with On/Off switch and industrial size strainer basket. It also has horizontal/vertical discharge feature which provides you with option of conversion from vertical to horizontal discharge orientation with press of button. It also features energy-efficient, protected rear mounted switch. In addition, Hayward PowerFlo Matrix comes with heave-duty motor with integrated thermal overload protector.

This above ground pool pump has more-less whatever any other good pump has. But it has some additional features as well. First of all, it has on/off switch. At first sight, you’d think – what is so special about ordinary thing such as on/off switch? Well, you are right, there wouldn’t be anything special about it unless many pumps actually don’t have on/off switch.

For example, the next pump is one of those pumps without on/off switch. That basically means that you need to connect the cord to the electric source to turn the pump on, and disconnect cord to turn the pump off.

Well, it is not actually so bad thing, but it’s much practical to have on/off switch. When you do have a switch, you can keep your cord always connected to the electrical source.

Hayward PowerFlo Matrix also has a heavy-duty motor with integrated thermal overload protector, which means longer life for your pump. Pump with such motors is usually more durable and stronger. That actually became some kind of minimum requirements for above ground pool pumps these days.



  • Horizontal/vertical discharge feature




1. Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Series 1-1/2-Horsepower Above-Ground Pool Pump with Cord



This pump comes with strainer and is designed for above ground and on ground pools. It has hundred percent drip proof, heat-resistant double-sized seal. It also has 1-1/2 inch intake and discharge, high performance impeller, and heat-resistant double-sided seal.

First of all, I need to emphasize this is not necessarily the best above ground pool pump, but it is for sure one of the best. Also, if you ask Amazon customers, this indeed is the best above ground pool pump. There are so many satisfied buyers that have only good words about this product.

It is the reliable, durable and high-quality pump. Also, it costs only $204, which is quite a small price for such a quality item. However, as I said, it’s very annoying that this pump doesn’t have on/off switch, and I already explained why that is a problem. Here you can check one of the numerous reviews:

“When our pool pump decided not to work anymore I needed to get one quick. We had a Hayward before and that lasted about 14 years so I was very happy with that. I decided to get another Hayward since mine lasted so long. My husband had it set up in no time and running. It is more powerful than the one i had previously which is great.

Our older one was only a one horsepower pump so we decided to go with a little but more powerful one this time. It works great and really circulates well. I am very happy i decided to get this pump.”



  • Drip proof, double-sized seal
  • High performance impeller
  • Price


  • No on-off switch

When readers of this site buy through our link, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Therefore this affiliate commission never biased our product recommendation. Our motto is to promote the best products for consumers, through detailed research and market analysis.

Comparison Table of Best Above-Ground Pool Pump


Pump ModelHorsepowerQuiet OperationStrainer Basket SizeAdditional FeaturesCustomer RatingsProsCons
Pentair DYNII-NI-1-1/2 HP Dynamo Single Speed Pump1.5 HPNot very quietLarge capacityReinforced fiberglass, Self-priming designMixed ReviewsLarge capacity basket, Self-priming, Durable materialsNoise level, Durability concerns, Lack of clarity on lifespan
Hayward SP1780 PowerFlo II 1 HP Pool Pump1 HPQuietStandardStainless steel motor shaft, Overload protectorPositive ReviewsQuiet operation, Stainless steel motor shaft, Overload protectorDoes not come with a cord
Hayward CC10092S XStream 1 HP Filter Pump System1 HPQuietHigh capacityFlush-mounted pressure gauge, Air relief valvePositive ReviewsHigh filtration efficiency, Quick-release air relief valve, Corrosion-proof tankCan be challenging to remove the top cover
Harris H1572730 ProForce 1.5 HP Pool Pump1.5 HPMinimal noiseStandardCSA and ETL compliant, Reinforced thermoplastic bodyPositive ReviewsQuiet operation, CSA and ETL compliant, Budget-friendlyNot available for sale in California
Hayward SP15922S PowerFlo Matrix 1 HP Pump1 HPQuietLarge capacityOn/Off switch, Rear mounted switchPositive ReviewsOn/Off switch for convenience, High capacity, Energy-efficientDoes not come with a cord
Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX 1.5 HP Pool Pump1.5 HPSome noiseStandardDrip-proof, Heat-resistant double-sized sealPositive ReviewsDurable, High performance, AffordableLack of an on/off switch


In the end, we can conclude that picking the best above ground pool pump is actually not as complicated as we thought at the beginning. There are so many quality products out there waiting for us to spot them.

Here you could see some of the best above ground pool pumps, and I just wanted to say it was my personal opinion. Therefore, the way I arranged these products is not necessarily coordinated by their value or quality. I hope that I helped you to choose the best above ground pool pump for your pool and that you will be satisfied with it.