Best inflatable floating docks

Best inflatable floating docks

Think about spending a day with your friends and loved ones on the beach, lake, river, or your own pool. How enjoyable & soothing it is without fear of falling and having a dedicated space where multiple people can sit. And this can be possible with inflatable floating docks, also known as inflatable rafts or swim platforms which can be used for busy activities, such as swimming platforms.

As the name implies, it is a dedicated space or perfect float platform used for lying down to relax on the water. While they may not offer the actual durability and toughness of a real dock but you can assemble them with no or little effort. Choosing an inflatable floating dock is always a good idea for those who love to spend time on the water.

Thankfully, the floating dock’s increased room space allows an entire group to jump back and forth off the ground, exercise, and swim. Due to the lightweight and portable design, an inflatable dock is easy to transport and store and super handy.

That’s why they are known to be inflatable; in simple words, you can pack them and take them along anywhere to make the beach vibes memorable and beat the scorching sun. In addition, even a normal or extra small inflatable floating dock provides enough space for multiple people to have fun and share space.

The premium quality docks are constructed of high-grade materials, offering you all the safety and comfort to enjoy in mid water. But, it is difficult to determine which dock is best? With the incredible products on our list and the comprehensive buying guide, you’ll have no difficulty choosing the right inflatable dock for water activities.

Inflatable Floating Docks – What is it?

Most of you aren’t familiar with the floating dock, and some think it is not needed. But if seen, it is an effective device that allows many people to sit on the water at the same time. An inflatable floating dock is very similar to a large lifeboat. It’s a smooth, flat surface that floats on top of the water, and when attached to your boat, it increases your square footage.

The larger the floating docks are, the more space to laze in the float on the water. Besides going to the middle of the beach or pool, you can use it for fishing. But keep in mind that the inflatable floating dock is not a substitute for the actual dock. However, they are not as strong and are smaller than actual docks.

You can affix an inflatable dock on your boat to expand the legroom and deck. Or, you can attach it to the back of the kayak or use it as a free-floating podium for relaxing or swimming. You can create a dedicated platform for yoga while swimming, fishing, or any other water activity that fits on the dock with inflatable floating docks. Once it attaches securely to your kayak or another water toy, you are allowed to perform many activities with ease.

What are the major benefits of choosing an inflatable floating dock?

People fond of water activities or who spend most of their time in water must opt for an inflatable floating dock. The best inflatable docks provide a boatload of benefits. From safety to extant-storage space, low maintenance and portability are some of the notable benefits of an inflatable floating dock. Keep reading to know more about all these advantages briefly:

  • Ensures Safety

When going to the beach with kids and pets, there is always a concern about their safety. With the use of an inflatable floating dock, you will be assured that there is no risk of falling or needing to keep an eye on them as it provides extra space.

The best inflatable docks can be used as a swimming surface, providing you with a drier place to rest and sit. To have the best swimming or boating experience, attach it to a traditional dock or your boat.

  • Portable and User-friendly

Another biggest benefit is that you can shrink it to store when space is an issue. Further,  it is also compact enough to store in a dock container, boathouse, or on your boat. Fill with air when you’re done and when you put the anchor, simply take it from the water and deflate. These docks aren’t meant to be pulled like a tube, but they offer extra room space on the river, on the lake, or with your trailer or boat.

  • Less maintenance and Care

Since inflatable floating decors are made of polyethylene material, they can be wiped off with a damp cloth or soapy water. With an inflatable dock, you can avoid staining, sanding, and getting fall apart.

  • Additional Storage Space

Inflatable docks are a great way to extend the storage space of any boats or floats. You can also put floats, waterskis, jet skis, wakeboards, tubes, and pool noodles on them when not in use.

Key features of the best Inflatable floating docks:

Apart from being used as a flat platform, the best inflatable floating docks have many useful features to make your summer days stress-free. Below are the incredible features you will find in almost every Inflatable Floating Dock:

  • Powerful Construction

Double-stitch and PVC coating is an essential feature if you want your dock to be strong enough for extra guests, pets, and even deck chairs.

  • Secure Points

Secure points also refer to anchor points used for tying on docks or other objects, such as jet skis or water toys.

  • Deck Pad

The premium quality inflatable docks feature cushioning for comfort, have a better grip for no sliding, and are heat-seated to whisk away water.

  • Webbed Loops

Webbed loops enable you to attach the dock in case you’re using it without a boat or on its own.

  • High-Pressure Valve

When it comes to dealing with inflatable objects, hassle-free inflation and deflation are a must. The High-pressure valves play an important role in making the procedure easier.

  • EM and D-rings

These things are perfect for anchoring floats and other items.

  • Grip handles

The constructed handles on the inflatable offer stability while onboard, making boarding easy and safe.

Best Usage of Inflatable Docks:

After going through the benefits of inflatable docs, you must have understood how many benefits there are to take it. Let us understand their best uses in this section:

  • Preparing a temporary swim and lounging platform.
  • Used to anchor water toys, jet skis, and kayaks.
  • Tack on your pontoon boat for more space.
  • Waterski and wakeboard launching
  • Attach numerous jointly for creating an extra-large floating party platform.
  • Use as a yoga platform for on-water yoga practices.
  • Used for short-distance travels and in rescue operations.

Overall, these docks provide a multitude of uses, from fun floating on a river to fishing.

List of top 10 Inflatable floating docks

When readers of this site buy through our link, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Therefore this affiliate commission never biased our product recommendation. Our motto is to promote the best products for consumers, through detailed research and market analysis.

  1. Blue Water Toys Inflatable Swim Deck

Key features:

  • Suitable for more than three people.
  • The platform dimension is 8*6 feet.
  • It weighs 51 pounds.
  • Made of Triple-layer PVC with EVA pads
  • Inflation pressure – 12 to 15 PSI

Description: If you are looking for a durable inflatable floating platform, this would be an excellent choice. Since it is made of extra durable and strong PVC material, the blue water platform is long-lasting. Manufacturers provide an additional layer of Blue Guard protection over it to make it more resistant. This protection also prevents cracks, damage, and dings to the deck.

It has 4 large non-slip extra comfortable pads on top of the platform, making it easy to sit and stand. The best part is that these pads are protected from UV rays. All four sides of the dock are equipped with safety reflectors, and there are also stainless steel rings in each corner to dock and fasten it in place. The dock measures 8 feet by 6 feet when inflated into actual position, which is ideal for lounging and activity. You’ll get a two-way bravo pump, patch kit, and storage bag in the pack.

Blue Water Toys Inflatable Swim Deck


  • The dock features four EVA non-slip pads on it
  • The material is resistant to damage, hits, and cracks
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty and repair kit


  • Not found

2. Island Hopper Patio Dock 

Key features:

  • The dimension of the platform is 15*6
  • Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Foam, Polyvinyl Chloride
  • The product comes with a 15 PSI auto-set lightweight power inflator
  • 11 Side welded stainless D-rings
  • EVA foam Surface

Description: For people looking for a spacious platform for water activities must check this product. You can anchor this dock to your boat for extended deck room to float independently. If you want an even bigger platform, you can also attach a number of these docks. Docks offered by Island Hopper are made from long-lasting PVC material, which makes the platform sturdy and durable enough.

Another notable aspect that will amaze you is its D-rings which are suitable for mooring and attachments. Additionally, it comes with a portable power inflator to make the inflating task easier. This product will offer a great water experience whether you use it for swimming, sunbathing, yoga practice, or attaching your boats.

Talking of construction, this dock has a non-slip EVA foam surface with a sleek design that looks eye-catchy whereas offering a high level of stability. Since it has six carry handles, 11 sides welded stainless D-rings, and 24 top and bottom welded web-loops, it can safely hold multiple accessories. You’ll get a double action pump, 15 PSI auto-set electric inflator, stow straps, repair patches, and an instruction manual for easy installation in the pack.

Island Hopper Patio Dock


  • The brand offers a soft entry ladder and inflatable pillow as add
  • The product comes with a 5-year warranty
  • It can hold over 2000 lbs of weight
  • The size is convenient & perfect to hold parties with friends


  • The inflating process of this product is a bit tricky

3. BOTE Inflatable Lake Float

Key features:

  • Grab handles for smooth maneuvering
  • Dimension: 7*7
  • Anti-Slip BVA Deck Pad
  • Made of Military-grade PVC material
  • Burrito Sling Bag for easy transportation and storage.

Description:  If you’re looking for a versatile floating dock, here we BOTE Inflatable Lake float on this list. You can use it as a yoga or swim platform, take it to the lake house, float it off the beach, and lash a few together to extend your boat space. It has 7*7 dimensions, which makes it ideal for multiple uses.

However, this dock arrives at your home rolled into an easy-to-carry burrito bag with grip straps which enables carrying it anywhere, wherever you like. Talking of construction, the dock is made from military-grade PVC material that can withstand banged, jumped, and scraped with low risk of damage or permanent blemish.

Furthermore, it comes with multiple features; one such is an anti-slip BVA surface with well-padding. It also features handles for easier use. Come to the weight capacity; the dock weighs 1050 lbs. The aspect that will amaze you is its aero technology that ensures performance and rigidity. In the pack, you’ll get a bag for transport and storage, a repair kit for puncture or rip, and a hand pump for easy inflating.

BOTE Inflatable Lake Float


  • One of the lightweight & durable docks on this list
  • Offers hassle-free packing & unpacking
  • Its anti-slip BVA deck pad provides stability, comfort, and cushioning


  • A bit expensive

4. Inflatable Sport Boats Yacht Dock

Key features:

  • Feature eight D-rings for anchoring and mooring.
  • Made from heavy-duty, UV-resistant PVC.
  • Dimension: 10*6
  • Inflates and deflate in 8 mins and 5 mins, respectively.

Description: Inflatable Sports boat dock is a suitable option for one that wants to add more deck space. This 10*6 feet dock offers enough space for swimming, relaxing, and lounging. It is designed in such a way so that you can have your sailboat, dock, or yacht the additional space off the side.

The platform is perfectly stable for sunbathing and relaxing as it can handle a weight capacity of 1500 Ibs. However, the manufacturers claim it takes less than 9 mins and 6 mins to inflate and deflate, respectively, which is true.

One of the notable aspects of this inflatable floating dock is its teak deck print design on top, giving the deck classy & luxurious looks. In the pack, you’ll get a storage strap, double action hand pump with PSI gauge, owner’s manual, elastic storage bungees on a corner, 2 D-rings, 8 D-rings for anchoring, and 2 heavy-duty handles.

Inflatable Sport Boats Yacht Dock


  • It has a thick deluxe teak wood EVA foam top
  • Inflate and deflates in less time
  • It has a thick deluxe teak wood EVA foam top. Inflate and deflates in less time. The dock will amalgamate in perfectly with your sailboat or yacht.


  • Due to the large size, it can be difficult to store

5. DRIFT Inflatable Lake Float 


Key Features:

  • Versatile platform
  • 800 Lb Capacity
  • Combination of flexibility and stability
  • Made from powerful military-grade PVC skin
  • Comes with a sling for transport and storage
  • Dimension: 44″ W × 19″ H × 10″ D.

Description: The inflatable floating docks cum lake by DRIFT are a flexible and versatile platform for all types of water activities and endless uses. This dock is neither too big nor small, making it one of the ideal products on this dock.

The lightweight construction makes it easy to pack and travel along with it. When not in use, you can fold and fit it into convenient sling bags for easy storage that come along with the product. This dock will make the perfect platform for fishing, yoga, swimming, or simply floating when inflated.

Since it’s made from military-grade PVC material, you don’t have to worry about pores or wear or tear. With the convenient size of the Lake Float, you don’t need to put in extra effort to inflate and deflate. If you are conscious of the size of the floating platform, you can anchor more than one at once for extra float space.

DRIFT Inflatable Lake Float


  • This dock comes with a hand pump for easy inflating
  • It has a capacity of up to 800 LB


  • Not suitable for multiple people

6. Solstice Inflatable Floating Dock Rafting Platform

Key features:

  • Stainless Steel D-rings
  • Maintenance and Care are not required
  • Durable floating dock
  • Capacity: 4 to 6 people.

Description: The Solstice Inflatable floating dock is different from the others because of its long-lasting performance. Its reinforced PVC and simplistic looks add to its visual appeal even more.

It is not just an ordinary inflatable due to its well-built construction and high quality. When inflated, you can experience a lightweight yet hard feel platform. It is designed perfectly so that you can have fun on the water and out cooler or on lounge chairs.

This product by Solstice is available in numerous sizes, varying between 8*5 to 10*10 dimensions. Depending on how big your party is or how many people will be loading on it, you can choose the right size floating dock. The puncture resistance makes this dock stand out from others.

Solstice Inflatable Floating Dock Rafting Platform


  • It is one of the most portable swim platforms on the market, which is simple, stable, versatile, and durable enough
  • Owing to offering more durability than others, the product has received maximum positive reviews and star ratings


  • It is pretty slippery when wet

7. Happybuy Inflatable Floating Dock


Key features:

  • Used by up to six people at once.
  • Quick & easy inflation and deflation
  • Drip stitched for extra toughness.
  • Made of PVC material.

Descriptions: If you’re looking for something that stands out in terms of strength and sturdiness, the Happybuy Inflatable Dock is the best on this list. It won’t lose its inflexibility even while you dive off it because of its material, which is PVC. This 6*5 floating dock can hold 3 to 5 people weighing about 265 lbs.

 You can add chairs, coolers, and umbrellas to it for snorkeling, swimming, lake lounging, yoga, or tanning. When it comes to a sturdy floating dock, this would be the priority of most users as it is made of super-tough drip-stitched material.

The dock is durable enough to support adults and kids without worrying about falling into the water. The thing you will like the most is its head welded drop stitch platform that is constructed from UV-resistant heavy-duty PVC material for extended durability.

Happybuy Inflatable Floating Dock


  • It is great for smaller storage places
  • An electric pump is included


  • It is not one of the long-running docks

8. SOWKT Inflatable Floating Dock

Key features:

  • Made of lightweight PVC material
  • Durable construction.
  • Item weights: 40 pounds

Description: The Floating Dock arrives at your door with the full pack, including an inflation pump, repair tools, and storage bag. SOWKT inflatable dock has designed keeping your convenience in your mind, so you have more time making memories, having fun, and less time pumping. This portable boat dock is perfect for inflating with a foot pump that inflates up to 10 times as fast as a hand pump with half the effort.

It can be used for both recreation and utility and is extremely optimistic. The dock can support not only you and your party friends on some lounge chairs but your cooler & other accessories too. Every activity can be easily done from acrobatics to yoga, swimming to diving while floating on this dock. It can also be used as a robust platform to move around and wash the exterior of your boat.

SOWKT Inflatable Floating Dock


  • It is made with drip-stitch technology and high-intensity PVC
  • The dock weighs approx 40 lbs
  • It offers plenty of room space


  • Extremely heavier than others

9. Tower Inflatable Floating Dock

Key features:

  • Weight: 59 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 900 lbs
  • Dimensions: 10*5*6
  • High-pressure inflatable to 15 PSI construction

Description: Unlike most water floats available in the market, the Tower Island remains firm even with four adults on boards and is extremely sturdy. More than that, it offers supreme weight distribution. It features two D-rings at the bottom.

You can use it to attach that anchoring bag that goes with it. The Tower’s dock has six inches of thickness, giving it the stability to jump on, stand on, do handstands, and much more. It weighs 900 lbs, making it perfect for lodging, coolers and all other essentials.

It is made of the same material used in naval applications with double reinforced and drop-stitched to ensure durability. The material is gentle on the skin as it is soft, so you don’t worry about getting rashes from it.

Tower Inflatable Floating Dock


  • Include a double-action hand pump and two storage straps
  • The dock is extremely flat and rigid
  • It has a unique oblong shape


  • Not found

When readers of this site buy through our link, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Therefore this affiliate commission never biased our product recommendation. Our motto is to promote the best products for consumers, through detailed research and market analysis.

10. Driftsun Inflatable Floating Dock

Key Features:

  • Eco-friendly design
  • Multiple-layered UV resistant PVC material
  • Include two pumps
  • Quick inflation and deflation

Description: The floating dock platform by DriftSun is the easiest inflatable product out there. You won’t have to put in much of an effort to inflate your dock because of its dual-pressure valves. This flat sturdy platform is ideal for old-fashioned yoga, dive-off, or tanning.

With its incredible durability and stability, there is much this platform can’t do for you. This 54 pounds dock comes with two dual-action pumps for ultra-fast inflation. The dock is ready to float with a person on each pump within a few minutes.

The docks’ extremely durable and rigid construction can support a massive gathering of 800 lbs. UV resistant high-pressure material is used to construct it, making the entire frame tough, safe, and hard-wearing. It will withstand some serious partying and water activities.

Driftsun Inflatable Floating Dock


  • It ensures ultimate stability
  • Include convenient carrying straps


  • The stitching is poor

How to choose the best inflatable floating docks?

When looking for the best inflatable floating docks, two aspects are a must, including strength and size. The inflatable floating should be easy to pack for easy transportation and storage and lightweight. Plus, they are constructed of reinforced PVC that can last for years.

Choosing a floating dock may seem a straightforward task, but several factors set them apart. However, each brand offers different quality, features, and materials, so it is vital to consider every aspect.

We have here mentioned every factor that must take into consideration while selecting the best inflatable dock. And, if you’re thinking of a specific product, checking out inflatable floating dock genuine reviews can give you a clear idea of whether it’s the right option.

  • Floating Docks’ Types

Widely said, floating docks have two versions, which include inflatable and non-inflatable. Before making a final decision, you need to understand floating docks to make the right choice.

Talk of inflatable docks; inflatable docks can be easily inflated and deflated and are made of soft plastic. When filled with air, they will float on the surface of the water. The Inflatable Dock is designed to provide great comfort and is ideal for lying down with multiple people as they can be deflated and packed. Due to the lightweight design, you can take them with you wherever you want.

On the other hand, non-inflatable dock floats are usually made of heavier plastic than inflatable docks. They cannot be collapsed or packed, making them bulky and importable. After reading about these two types, you can clearly understand your choice.

  • Material

Material is a crucial aspect that indicates the strength of the material and its durability. Careful manufacturing and quality materials make for outstanding durability. You want a dock that is not inclined to sudden tear and wear and will last long. Talk of dock material; you need to be looking for a high-strength, heavy-duty 1000D PVC material.

Not only that, but in terms of material, the dock should have a drop-stitch construction, soft padding, and double reinforcement to make it last. The drop-stitch construction also offers a solid, sturdy, and stable dock surface. It is a must aspect if you’re sharing the inflatable docks with pets, family, or friends.

Apart from safety, also important is the comfort that will be offered by the dock with a padded surface. As an added convenience, you should also consider EVA foam padding, which is super comfortable and indicates that your dock is on top. You will also make sure that the top layer is anti-slip and UV resistant. These prevent sun damage, improve user comfort and make the platform safer to use.

  • Size

Another important aspect to keep in mind is size while choosing an inflatable floating dock. This factor helps to know what types of activities you can perform on it, how the platform can be used, how much weight it can bear, and much more. The size of the dock varies depending on how many people you’ll need the dock for depending on what you plan to use it for.

In terms of size, you will consider the width and length, and the height of a dock. Also, consider its height above water level and thickness. Thicker platforms offer more stability than thinner ones.

The higher the height of the float, the more stability you will get in the water. For example, if you are hosting a party for a large group, you may need a larger dock than if you are going fishing with two other people.

The larger & stable dock is also ideal for people going to use docks for floating yoga as they offer stability enough to tolerate movement and support every position. One of the biggest benefits of choosing floating platforms is that they allow for boats and boats to enlarge the deck space.

If you also go for a bigger platform, then you must make sure that the dock provides the right amount of space to meet your needs. However, dock floats come in a wide range of sizes, varying from smaller 5*5 foot models to even large floating platforms that measure 10*10 or more.

  • Inflating and Deflating

The most important and foremost aspect of any product is its inflating and deflating. Some inflatable docks fill with air even faster and are conveniently located depending on the type of valves used and the size of the air chambers. Some manufacturers offer electric pumps to make the inflating job hassle-free and easy.

  • Comfort and Use

The huge number of possible uses is the reason why inflatable dock floats are so popular. Most docks come with a roomy surface that offers enough possibility while on the water. Apart from people, docks can accommodate beach chairs, lounges, various kinds of bags, coolers, and many other types of equipment. PVC floating docks are a dedicated place to catch some sunshine and party feels. While sunbathing, you can spend quality time with your loved ones or enjoy peace with a novel. Most docks have steel D-rings to enable you to anchor the inflatable dock to your yacht and keep it from floating away. You can furnish the dock with a fishing rod to catch some fish for your aquarium.

  • Weight Capacity

The docks you’re going to choose should have the ability to tolerate the weight of several people. After all, here is your matter of safety. The weight capacity of docks typically depends on their size. However, the dock usually has a weight capacity varying between 400 to 800 pounds. Therefore, it is advised to choose within the boundaries of your doc platform as beyond them may cause the dock to drop, resulting in causing unwanted accidents.

  • Additional facilities

The additional facilities that come with inflatable floating docks can improve the platform usage. Some facilities might be less crucial or more important based on how you plan to use the inflatable dock. The most common features that must-have in your docks are cup holders, seats, and drink coolers.

Leading manufacturers also offer loungers and inflatable chairs in their products. However, this type of product is usually slightly larger and thus difficult to move and carry. In contrast, there is some float that resembles a flat mat and has a basic design. If you wish to carry your ample accessories or own beach cooler, it is good to go with a platform design docks. Hence, it is solely up to you to choose floating docks with a single feature or multiple facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is it safe to use floating docks?

And the answer is yes, but floating docks are safe as long as they are used adequately. Be sure to follow the directions both when using on the water surface and when fluffing. By following proper instructions, you will be saved. In addition to all this, make sure it is inflated before you go to the dock and tie it up properly after every use. In addition, you must not exceed the weight limit.

  • What type of material is used to design Inflatable Docks?

Most inflatable docks are made of 1000D nylon, which is the same material that is used in naval applications. The mat comes with drop-stitch construction and doubled-reinforced seams, making the mat durable and tolerating all sorts of horseplay, roughhousing, and tomfoolery. The material used to design docks is durable, flexible, and lightweight. So, most docks are constructed from military-grade materials, like Nylon or PVC. The reason behind adding PVA material is to enhance the safety and protection against UV rays and moisture.

  • What is the ideal size for inflatable floating docks?

Generally, the minimum size, which is up to 6*12 is suitable for all activities and more than 2 persons. If senior citizens use docks, then a floating dock minimum size of 8*12 is an ideal option.

  • What are the best possible uses of an inflatable dock?

Inflatable docks can be anchored to boats and yachts for enhancing the deck space. They can also be used as free-floating swimming platforms or as docks for small boats and kayaks. Not only this, they are best for many water activities like fishing, swimming, yoga, diving, etc.

  • What aspects are necessary to choose the best inflatable dock?

The first thing you should keep in mind is the size of the dock, which should be large enough for your requirements. In addition to this, it should be sturdy enough to tolerate people with a heavyweight. Go with a product that is comfortable to sit, lie on and stand on and has an anti-slip platform.

  • Do inflatable docks offer stability just like real docks?

As we said in the intro of this article, Inflatable Docs is a temporary platform that is not as strong and durable as compared to Real Docks. But, they provide a better level of stiffness for inflatable products. They are designed thoughtfully to be stiff and stable so that you can jump off and walk easily.

  • Can floating platforms drown?

As they are made of heavy-duty materials, they can’t sink. They are designed to withstand harsh climate conditions and are not designed for many movements. That means there is a bit of risk of them becoming deflating and collapsing. In such a case, you can repair them with a patch.

Final Words:

The inflatable floating dock is the best platform for people to love water activities and practice yoga above the water surface. But, choosing the best option under budget can be difficult for those who are not familiar with how to use, how to buy, and what aspects to keep in mind? To help you out, we’ve compiled a complete list and comprehensive buying guide at the beginning of the article. So what are you waiting for? Go, and read it quickly.

Top Inflatable Floating Docks Comparison Table 

ProductDimensionsWeight CapacityConstructionMaterialAdditional Features
Blue Water Toys Inflatable Swim Deck8 ft x 6 ftN/ATriple layer PVC + EVA padsPVC + EVA foamRepair kit, storage bag
Island Hopper Patio Dock15 ft x 6 ft2000 lbsN/APVC + EVA foamAuto-set inflator, repair patches, straps
BOTE Inflatable Lake Float7 ft x 7 ft1050 lbsAeroShell technologyMilitary grade PVCRepair kit, storage bag
Inflatable Sport Boats Dock10 ft x 6 ft1500 lbsN/AHeavy duty PVCStorage strap, pump, elastic bungees
DRIFT Inflatable Lake Float44 in x 19 in x 10 in800 lbsN/AMilitary grade PVCSling bag
Solstice Inflatable Floating Dock8 ft x 5 ft to 10 ft x 10 ftN/AReinforcedPVCN/A
Happybuy Inflatable Floating Dock6 ft x 5 ft265 lbs per personDrip stitchedPVCElectric pump
SOWKT Inflatable Floating DockN/AN/ADrip stitchedPVCPump, repair tools, storage bag
Tower Inflatable Floating Dock10 ft x 5 ft x 6 in900 lbsDrop stitchedPVCDual-action pump, storage straps
Driftsun Inflatable Floating DockN/A800 lbsMultiple layeredUV resistant PVCDual pumps, carrying straps